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  1. Djammiafda

    Any way I can corrupt Cave Story?

    I've been watching some Vinesauce lately, and corruptions seem pretty funny, so I'd like to try them myself on Cave Story. How do I? Do I need a certain program or?
  2. Djammiafda

    Getting Myself Ready For Speedrunning

    So, I've gotten a bit interested in speedrunning lately. Watched some tutorials videos, some speedruns of Cave Story (freeware) and I tought "Maybe I could try that out, I mean, it seems fun". So, I'll be grabbing my timer in some days, I'll do a test run before really trying to speedrun it and...
  3. Djammiafda

    Can anyone send me a good mod?

    I've played Jenka's Nightmare, but that's the only mod I played. Can anyone send me a good mod to try out?