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  1. Fatih

    Mii QR Codes

    Who has a 3DS or Wii U? Just got one, so I'm just gonna be racking up Miis. Share your creations or yourselves if you'd like. (Fixed) Here's me. Also, here's one for Iwata, not by me, but seems to be the most accurate.
  2. Fatih

    Undertale Stepmania Pack by Fatih [2% Complete]

    By request, I have decided to make a new thread for my project... The Undertale Stepmania Pack You most likely should know what Undertale is, but you most likely don't know what Stepmania is. Well, here's what Wikipedia says to be quick... In fact, if you've heard of In The Groove, that...
  3. Fatih


    Did you know in Bosnian Chaco is a form of dog Chaco is a bitch
  4. Fatih

    Disgaea D2 - CSTSF Characters

    LSS I want to make an army, and I want YOU all to join in! Rules are simple, just look at this video... (I'm sorry that it is in japanese so just describe or leave timestamp) ...And pick the class that you want, along with the weapon you want (Fist, Sword, Spear, Gun, Axe, Staff, Book), and...
  5. Fatih

    Searching For Spring

    It's been three weeks since the Spring Equinox, and yet the land is still buried in snow. Bundling up, you look outside. The priestess, the magician, and the maid all went in search of springtime, leaving you behind to keep things in order. Yet they should have returned by now. Hopefully they're...
  6. Fatih

    Banfan's Story - War For Swagkiller [ABANDONMOD]

    Before I get to the meat, let me just clear off my mind first. I was notably more active when I was newer here (lol yeah right), always asking questions for modding. I assisted with one mod but it turned out to be shitty, and that was actually all I ever did bring to the community. So here I am...
  7. Fatih

    I'm Fatih.

    Yeah, that guy that the mods hate. I lost in a bet so yeah. For future reference: Čekič
  8. Fatih

    better cookies

    A slight over/underdose of any ingredient might cause catastrophic results, such as the end of the universe, due to the imploding, and satan-like cookies. Ingredients 2 1/35 cups brown sugar (have fun measuring THAT!). 4 cups non-purpose flour. 3 eggs (Human) 1/2 cup fat-free...
  9. Fatih

    Twitch plays pokemon Yeah, if you haven't heard it it's about playing pokemon. With 10000+ other people. You input a command and the game inputs it. There is also a democracy or anarchy system which happens when people put more of "anarchy" (which inputs any button recieved...
  10. Fatih

    So wait... SPGardebiter IS BACK?!

    I saw that it seems like they posted something in a mod thread. Didn't SPGardebiter have a thread saying that they left the forums due to chaos in the forums awhile back? If he/she really is back, that's awesome!
  11. Fatih

    I laughed too hard Don't worry, NSFW free "Are you having a hard time finding local cats in your area? Do you wish there was a way to connect instantly with one online, at any time? Now you can! With Adult Cat Finder, you're never more than one click away from chatting with a hot...
  12. Fatih

    "save as draft" Option?

    Sometimes I might make a new topic or reply to something but there were times that I HAD to get off, no objections. And it is sad because I might say something important or I have typed a lot. So is it possible to add a save as draft feature to the forums? That would be greatly appreciated...
  13. Fatih

    Warning Points

    I have a few questions about warning points. 1. What is the list of ways to get them? Ex. Racism, sexism etc 2. Can they be removed after awhile? 3. How many points grant a ban?
  14. Fatih

    About the sigs

    Okay so I want to add a sig. The max is 200 pixels. But I see that the picture that I am trying to upload is 202 Pixels Deep. Is it still acceptable or is it really strict? Goddamn plz dun hurt meh im sirs
  15. Fatih

    Cave Story to PS3? W/ multiMAN?

    So we have Cave Story as a port to the PSP, so since multiMAN has that retro option (and if you have a OFW of your PS3 anyways), so how could I move the files so I can play it on my big screen? Or is that not possible and I need a real PSP? If you have no idea of what I'm saying, stay out of...
  16. Fatih

    To The Moon - A story of love and happiness.

    There is a game I started playing called to To The Moon. It is made with RPG XP and is a drama and puzzle game. It also has some good laughs. It has more cutscenes than gameplay though, so if you are the action-type guy you should stay away. Basically the game is set in the not-so-far future...
  17. Fatih

    A Very Serious Theory About Balrog.

    So lots of you talk about how Balrog is a lunch box / toaster / bar of soap but I have a serious theory of what he is. We know that Balrog runs at a nice speed. Pretty fair at it. :balrog: Nuuuuu! I'm faster dumbass! And we know that he could fly at high speeds (at the good ending he seems to...
  18. Fatih

    Custom Bosses And Enemies?

    So it seems that I am the only one who does not know how to make custom bosses and enemies. If you do not know what i mean Bosses If you look at some mods they have boss bars for normal enemies, or if you look at Cavern Story there is one Balrog boss with a custom attack pattern. How do I 1...
  19. Fatih

    Jenka's Husband

    So we all know that Misery had Jenka as a mother... But wait... If that was her birth mother then who was the father? There seems to be no evidence in the game to say who could be the father. There is no one in the game other than Misery who has Green/Blue (depends on which version you play...
  20. Fatih

    Guess The Riddle!

    I thought of a fun game everyone can join into. Basically you just guess the riddle. It is based on Cave Story. I will start with the easy one. But first Rules ----- 1.You cannot guess 2 times in a row 2. Only Cave Story related guesses 3.There is no score so do not get brutal. Easy: I am an...
  21. Fatih

    Balcony = Castle Ruins

    I belive that the Balcony is the Castle that Ballos "Onced Loved" and where the King used to live in. Here are my points. The 3 last bosses are located in these three areas - Throne room, King's Table and Black Space. The throne room must have been in the same room as the entrance hence Quote...