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  1. Pegagamer

    Full Cave Story Script (WIP)

    I wanted to look through an in order script of the game, but didn't find one out there. So I decided I'd make my own. I've included a second-person narration to describe what happens between dialogue, sort of like stage direction (designated by italic text.) This script uses the AG translation...
  2. Pegagamer

    Any clue as to what this song is? Suiro.mid

    I was re-looking at the beta OrgViews I downloaded from the beta music page since it's been a while since I had, and I noticed three midis that I hadn't played before. I downloaded a midi player, and for the first two I got pretty expected things, mizu.mid is the Ikachan title screen, naki.mid...
  3. Pegagamer

    Cave Story 3D Pros, Cons, and Glitches

    So, for Christmas this year, I received Cave Story 3D, and I would like to list the pros and cons, as well as report some glitches, so here goes it. Pros: ~Adds a new experience to the game and world with detailed backgrounds and scenery. ~Adds new areas that expand gameplay including a part...
  4. Pegagamer

    I have a theory that connects Cave Story, Ikachan, 1001 Spikes, and Tempura of the Dead

    I'm not sure if this should go in Indie Games or Theories, but I'm putting this here. This theory connects all four games, as well as creating a time line between them and an approximate relation as far as the year, to the real world. Now this all starts with Cave Story. The other games start...