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  1. NilsTFK

    [WIP] 3D Quote Model (Blender)

    If hands are as hard to model than to draw, and you're not really experienced with modeling hands, I know how you feel.
  2. NilsTFK

    Suu No Monogatari ~ Sue's Story

    I can't wait ! So far your demos are really looking good. This promises to be awesome.
  3. NilsTFK

    Top 10 resons why cave story has room to improve

    Okay, so I don't know if you're completely serious in everything you mentionned or if it's just to make fun of another topic, but I don't really agree with most of what you wrote. I don't think that there's an actual lack of meaning in the story, I even found it great even if it's one simple...
  4. NilsTFK

    Suu No Monogatari ~ Sue's Story

    Hello, I finished the demo and I think it was good ! So I have a little list of things that I observed while playing : -If you get to the cockpit of one helicopter, you get stuck inside forever, the exit door will lead to the cockpit instead of the balcony. -When you get out of the second...
  5. NilsTFK

    Why, you !

    Why, you !