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  1. rtnario

    Infinite Being Remix from Touhou 5

    Hmm, so a month has passed and I have my PC back! :p Before I try to brainstorm for any more ideas if ever I'm still gonna add to the Cave Story Remix Project 2, after a month of doing nothing I decided to have a little warmup with a remix of Shinki's Theme, Infinite Being from Touhou 5...
  2. rtnario

    LEAF X MD - Cave Story War

    EDIT: Finally, my internet is back with me. This is the finished version. Also available over at Newgrounds Audio: Hope you enjoy! -------------------- Original Post: Hey to all, rtnario with another remix...
  3. rtnario

    LEAF X MD - HUZZAH (Balrog's Theme Remix)

    Hi, this is rtnario, haven't posted here for some time after I finished hell and listened to the Cave Story Soundtrack as much as possible. XD I've posted some of my Cave Story remixes here and they were MIDI. If I can recall, I put Town Of Leaves, Ground Zero & A Home To Call My Own. I got...
  4. rtnario

    Ever thought of Cave Story ported to S60?

    Hi to all, I'm rtnario, a recent fan of Cave Story XD Ever since I got Cave Story, I played it, and on the same day I finished it. It was incredible, but enough of that, I'm here to discuss my idea. "DOKUTSU MONOGATARI PORT to S60 DEVICES" What's S60? This is the Symbian Operating System...