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  1. modmake

    Cave Story Korea NaverCafe(or Koreaforum) In here Alerts[It site use only Korean]
  2. modmake

    who give hand my org

    can you help make video of org?? and this to
  3. modmake

    HλFE LIFE of Cave Story Mod(Kor sub)

    Hi, this game mode to release an alpha version, the tutorial mode and bug exists But I think that we want to give you enjoy this version:awesomeface: now build 2 is coming! = Add plan = Add Story (done) Add Monster [Half life Enemies] (working 20% complete) Additional vehicles (working 50%...
  4. modmake

    My First MOD Trailer

    If you play this game, thin Thank you for watching:mrgreen::heart: and my video download
  5. modmake

    How can't pess Trolly at wall

    How can't pess Trolly at wall?? add to in file and change code to plz help