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Kim Tyranto
Just Ironhead that, on defeat, adds entity 366 on the map (so it's TSC, not ASM).
Apocalyptic Shadow has a boss named Kresnik that does this (though the player can decide how many phases - one is normal Ironhed, four is... well, hard to beat unharmed). Those fish even spawn faster. So... yeah.
Beating one phase adds one entity 366, until the end. The mod'll track how many phases were beaten, too.
Kim Tyranto
Sometime last year November, Cibryll wanted to test stuff out (Itoh's ANP animation) and found that out by accident.
Entity 369 also speeds Heavy Press up.
Entity 370 makes Omega mostly invulnerable, I think?
Entity 381 has the Undead Core open up more often.
No idea about the other "major boss" entities... or the accuracy of most of this.
Still, it's amazing to find these things out~. *-*