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Cave Story Tribute Site Forums

Learned Saving Grace VI
Learned Mantra Heal
Learned IdSlash
Learned Quiet
Learned Sarcasm +1
Learned Soul Storm
Learned Riposte
Learned Stabilize
Learned PK SnugHug
Learned Moon Embrace
Polaris is trying to learn the move Heal Pulse. But, Polaris already knows 4 moves. Forget a move to make room for Heal Pulse?
1, 2 and...poof!
Polaris forgot Shadow Ball.
Polaris learned Heal Pulse!
Obtained title: Knightess
Obtained title: Mistress
Obtained title: Alfa
Style unlocked: Patient
Style unlocked: Heartwarper
+1 Signature Armor: Black Dress
+1 Signature Weapon: Feather
+1 Signature Accessory: Black Glove
+1 Signature Relic: Heart Necklace
You may now take the Stay Up action as a bonus action.
Mediator job unlocked
Are you sure you want to change your pronouns to he/they?
Pronouns set.
Alfa is now Level 20.
Username: Polaris
Nickname: Alfa
Race (Eth.): Mexican-American
Subrace: Gardevoir
Class: Cleric (Life) Lv 0
Subclass: Mystic Knight (Ambiguity) JLv 7
Moves: Psychic, Heal Pulse, Calm Mind, Moonblast
Sentiment Spells: Lv 0 - Guidance, Stabilize
Spellblades: Cure Pen, Esoteric Pen, Flair Pen, Shell, Enfire, Enfrost, Enthunder, Enheart, Dazzling Stroke
XPTNL: 364 Days (+1 Leap)
Do you keep a running tally of all these