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And as a message to those starting out, your first mod most likely won't be great, but that's okay; get feedback, learn how to improve, watch a few guides, talk to some folks. Once you get the information you need, all you need to do, is just make it from the heart; if you simply desire a fun challenge mod, figure out what makes others so popular or fun; find that difficulty curve and strive for it.
Nothing is easy, and modding is hard, hard as fuck, especially making something with expectations and or people behind you. Don't ever get discouraged or overwhelmed, make your first few mods simple or short, don't get too many ideas unless you are certain with the resources and expertise to emulate that idea.

Everything takes time and passion, so to everybody modding, we're behind you for support or advice, if not, I will always be there to see what your mod has to offer. Whether it's a passion-story, or a stupid-hard challenge mod, if you made it from the heart, you will always have the world cheering your name, even if it's just one person cheering your name.
This is a wonderful speech, and I respect you for saying it.