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Noxid is Dixon spelt backwards.
Is this like a DDLC poem or..?
whats ddlc

also is dixon like a pencil?
dixon tye kawn dur oh ga
are you me from the future
is that what's going on
what have I done
what penance have I earned
wait so i can say hi to my past self
hi past self
i guess thats not as cool as saying hi to your future self

the presents i got in the past are not presents i got in the present and won't be in the future

you know i feel like you do everything for your future self
maybe the people who do fun stuff in the present are the people who are nice and care about their present selfs

future selfs are really selfish
they are always making you try to do good in the present

or maybe they're trying to make you do good in the past, because if you go into their shoes their past is your present

but their past is also your past...

so your past self is really the one you should both blame and you can team up on

but your past and your present's future are both the same

but your past and your future's present are never your present
so the past and the future don't share anything that can be the same

so maybe in that sense that's how they are the same
and they can team up against the present

but then your past self would just be ruining it's future, and therefore its future future

and your future would be ruining it's past, but not it's past past
so then it would only be ruining its present

so would the future be the one that benefited the most from it?
and people benefit from presents

so the future is the present
what are you even saying