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Somebody once told me to make a lot of money
I ain’t the sharpest tool in the sheeed
She was looking kind of dumb with her finger in her bum
In the shape of a dick on her forehead

Well, the Shrek starts Shreking and he don’t stop cumming
Didn’t make sense not to keep on cumming
Your brain gets smart but your dick gets small

Because secretly you’re a chink
So what’s wrong with voting for the Trump?
You’ll never ho if you don’t know
You’ll never cum if you don’t ho

Hey now! You’re a mall cop! Get your clothes on, go play
Hey now! You’re a pedo! Get your clothes off, get laid
All those dildos are gooooold
Only shooting sperm breaks the mooold

Russia’s a cool place and they say it gets colder
Stalin still won’t die until you get older
But the bolshevik men beg to differ
Judging by a hole in the historical picture

The gas we use is getting pretty thin
The oven’s getting warm so you might as well get in
My Jew’s on fire. How about yours?
That’s the way I like it and I’ll never get bored

Hey now! You’re a fascist! Propaganda is great!
Hey now! North Korea! Kill the imperialists!
All those leaders are goooold
Only labor caaaamps break the mooold

Hey now! You’re the Donald! Build a wall, don’t pay!
Hey now! You’re the Bernster! Tax the top one percent!
All these choices are shiiiiiit
Obama drop the mic, and you’re getting ooold

Somebody once asked could I spare some change for gas
I need to get myself away from this place
I said yep, what a concept
I could gas a few Jews myself
And we could all use a little chaaaange

Well, the Jews start dropping and they don’t stop dropping
Fed to the gas and they hit the ground choking
Didn't make sense not to live for fun
9/11 was an inside job

So much to do so much to see
The Jews are so undercooked they’re writing diaries
You'll never know if you don't go
They’re never cooked if they don't glow.

Hey now! You’re a Hitler! The Holocaust was a hoax!
Hey now! You’re a George Bush! Get your steel beams, don’t melt!
All those theories are faaaaaake
Only flaming planes melt the beeeeams

And all these lyrics are gooold
Only offensive joookes break the mooold
now we need someone to sing this