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It's been so long since I last went on Crunchyroll...I totally didn't catch the anime drift there and just tried to friend a bunch of strangers. But I am curious, how did you obtain the Guest Pass?
Every month that you have premium membership, they give you a Guest Pass... that expires after 3 months! I haven't really interacted with the community... but, I did binge watch a *bunch* of anime.
I have three currently and one to expire at the end of the month. So just shout out if you feel like blasting through anime :]
I remember trying to look for certain anime on CR but couldn't find the ones I wanted to watch. Any ones you've seen worth recommending?
Hmm... everyone has different preferences...
Here are some of shows I enjoyed on CR:

Sword Art Online (2 seasons)
I'm a huge fan of fantasy and dot hack type shows. It's a good popular show if you like the heroes defying the odds.

The Irregular at Magic High School (1 season)
Magic + Future. It's a school based sleek action show. Great sibling stars. Stylish and a bit beautiful.

Magi (2 seasons)
I actually disliked this show when I started. But, I kept going for some reason... Now it's one of my underdog favorites.
Great characters...

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon? (1 season)
I'm sucker for fantasy... This one is a bit straight forward, but I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the next episode :]

Fate/stay night : Unlimited Blade Works
If you want a great looking show. Look no further. It's epic. Wonderful characters. Though, I played the game before watching the anime... High production values.

Utawarerumono The False Faces (1 season?)
This one is just starting to broadcast.. I'm highly biased, but this my most anticipated show of the fall. The original Utawarerumono game blew my mind.

Toradora! (1 season)
I'm watching this currently... It's a school drama. But, it's catchy... Those characters are really a lot of fun. What!? It's not fantasy?!

SCHOOL-LIVE! (1 season)
It's a ... dark/light school drama? It's quite different. Might shed a tear or two..

Bakemonogatari (1 season but tons of sequel/prequel series...)
Um... I have mixed feelings about this one. It's probably WAY TOO much for someone who doesn't watch enough anime. Many allusions, dynamic language, crazy scenes, fast text!

Attack on Titan (1 season?)
This one I haven't gotten around to watching... But it was recommended to me by the creator of the GeoBox engine. I believe it'll be a great show... Though at the time it was a bit too serious for me..?
I recommend Time of Eve.