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S. P. Gardebiter
S. P. Gardebiter
Maximum Number of Shots:

0x1DC15 - Snake

0x1DEA5 - Polar Star (Spur Level 1)

0x1E13C - Fireball level 1
0x1E159 - Fireball level 2
0x1E176 - Fireball level 3

0x1E3E2 - Machinegun

0x????? - Missile Launcher level 1
0x1E90D - Missile Launcher level 2
0x1E937 - Missile Launcher level 3

0x1EFDF - Bubbler level 1
0x1F28F - Bubbler level 2
0x1F28F - Bubbler level 3*

0x????? - Blade

0x????? - Super Missile Launcher

0x1F755 - Nemesis

* NOTE: only affects maximum number of bubbles floating by your side.
Is it assembly? I like Olly Debug.
I don't like hex editors.
S. P. Gardebiter
S. P. Gardebiter
That's weird, editing data with hex editors is far more easy than using assembly. Try XVI32.
Also these are offsets of "push" instructions afaik.

0041DBD0 - Weapon 01: Snake
0041DE60 - Weapon 02: Polar Star
0041E110 - Weapon 03: Fireball
0041E3D0 - Weapon 04: Machine Gun
0041E7B0 - Weapon 05: Missle Launcher [08_Level]
0041EFD0 - Weapon 07: Bubbler
0041F280 - <Weapon 07: Bubbler?>
0041F580 - Weapon 09: Blade
0041F710 - Weapon 0C: Nemesis
0041F9E0 - Reset Spur Level
0041FA10 - Weapon 0D: Spur