• Most people probably don't realise this, but this forum has had two editors for a number of years. One is the xenForo default editor, and the other is a custom editor I made years back I called BBCEd.

    All the settings for which editor you use was lost during the upgrade. You can find the setting under Account Settings > Preferences > Editor.


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  • Hey, it's totally cool. Welcome to the forums, by the way!

    Also, you want to make sure that you hit "View Conversation" before responding to a wall message. Otherwise, you'll post it on your own wall, and the person won't get the notification.
    Yeah dude, it's your skin. Thought it would be appropriate to use for videos showcasing my Cave Story weapons. But then I grew to like it.

    I hope you don't mind me using it? If it made your day, though, I'm glad. :D
    Hey there, I have to ask. In your TF2 Cave Story thread, where did you get that Quote skin for Scout? I believe I'm the one who made it, and it made my day seeing it again.
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