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  1. Xaser

    ORG Winamp Plugin link?

    Oh hey, thanks! This actually works quite great, it sounds like, so megaprops there. :) I've gone ahead and tossed it up on my personal webspace, though, and I've no plans on taking it down soon so here's a hopefully more permanent mirror if someone's up for linking it on the ORG download page...
  2. Xaser

    ORG Winamp Plugin link?

    Hey all, Been browsing around a bit and noticed that Echidna-san made a Winamp plugin for ORGs a ways back -- trouble is, his website is gonzo and the only link to it I can find is super-dead: http://www.echidnatribe.org/Doukutsu/in_org105.zip I wouldn't mind giving it a try -- anyone around...
  3. Xaser

    [MA Winner] <(Schism)> - Demo 1.0

    Re: - Demo 1.0 A bit late, but whoops. I forgot to update the link here when I shifted some files around to make room for my simple site. Fixed now, at least. 'Tis still the same old Demo 1.0, though. I'll upload a new something-something when I eventually get a new something-something to upload.
  4. Xaser

    @GIR: Heh, sure, I'll give it a shot. I was probably a tad bit too hard on it when I first...

    @GIR: Heh, sure, I'll give it a shot. I was probably a tad bit too hard on it when I first played it, since I did like what I saw. My jumping skills just weren't up to speed. :P
  5. Xaser

    [MA Winner] <(Schism)> - Demo 1.0

    Re: - Demo 1.0 Wow, quick replies! @Noxid: I definitely remember at least your name from before. I might have quite a few hack questions to ask here and there... actually, it might be best to start a thread, considering how confused I'm liable to get. ;)
  6. Xaser

    [MA Winner] <(Schism)> - Demo 1.0

    Re: - Demo 1.0 Hey everyone. :D So yeah, I've been gone for quite a bit -- the site's changed a lot since, I've noticed -- but I figure it's worth checking in considering that I've been doing some character re-spriting recently. Also a sort of preview of things to come, considering that...
  7. Xaser

    WTF story demo v 0.504

    Re: WTF story demo v 0.3 Hmm... a bit late, but I finally gave this a try. It looks pretty darn cool, I must say, but there is no way in hell I'm ever going to be able to get past the first area. It is incredibly tedious and far too unforgiving for any amount of fun to be had. Bit of a shame...
  8. Xaser

    Hmm, would you mind providing an extra link to your org medleys? Mediafire hates me and won't...

    Hmm, would you mind providing an extra link to your org medleys? Mediafire hates me and won't let me download any of them, I'm afraid. :(
  9. Xaser

    Haha, just noticed this : [url]http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/7708/xasert.jpg[/url] -- not...

    Haha, just noticed this : [url]http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/7708/xasert.jpg[/url] -- not bad, I say! He looks (rightfully) goofy, somehow. :P
  10. Xaser

    Still working on it, I am. Slow, progress is, but dead, it is not. ;)

    Still working on it, I am. Slow, progress is, but dead, it is not. ;)
  11. Xaser

    [MA Winner] <(Schism)> - Demo 1.0

    For the record, I'm not likely to release any public intermediate versions for a while. I may go through a (probably private) beta phase when the mod starts drawing closer to completion, but that may not be for a while... My reasons why: In the past, I've been in the habit of releasing projects...
  12. Xaser

    Most Well written Cave Story song.

    I vote White. It's the only song I've actually decided to not replace in Schism... in all fairness, it was almost not used in the original game, so... :D Also, am I the only wacko on here who actually never cared much for Doukutsu's boss music? Final Battle is great and Oppression is fitting...
  13. Xaser

    CaveEditor again (beta, maybe alpha)

    @Andwhy: Ah, thanks for the update there. :D Anyhow, I've messed with it a bit more -- still loving the map editor, I am -- and finally remember a couple of suggestion things I was going to give. They've most likely been mentioned before, chances are, though I'm going to play my lazy card and...
  14. Xaser

    [MA Winner] <(Schism)> - Demo 1.0

    Hmm... no need for a petition, I'd say. I have CaveEditor open right now. :D It's good to hear some of you are still enjoying the mod and looking forward to it! Don't worry, it's not dead, though all of you regulars who remember when I started the mod will probably know that I like to take my...
  15. Xaser

    Making an enemy a boss?

    The Gaudskateers, for reference, are set up so only one of them is actually killable at any one time, and only that one uses the HP bar. I'm not exactly sure of the inner workings of the script, since I haven't played it in so long, but you'll find it's not exactly what you're looking for in...