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  • Currently three (or was it four?) for Jethawk's Sonic mod.

    Of which I have yet to do. *runs off to do them*
    Facepics, games. That sort of deal.

    And by games I mean coding from scratch.

    Much more interesting than a mod, no?
    I've made mostly test mods, none of which I'll be showing publicly.

    I still have it if you wish to play it. Mind you, it's rather crappy and unfinished.
    Darn. Well then I think ya need a few more days before most of the stuff is unlocked.

    Edit: Oh hey, you can PM now.
    ya need to have at least ten posts and have been here for a week, I think. Then you'll be able to send me a PM.

    Try making 5 more posts in any place. (except SPOT, that doesn't count)
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