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  • I saw a thing today with some fella's first name "Xander" on it. I had no idea that was an actual name...
    I've gotten a few good ideas. I think I like yours the most, but I might also make some modifications to tie-in to other things, later in the mod.

    Maybe Volley will draw it for me :D
    Yup :]
    I still don't quite think it's perfect but it's a step in the right direction.
    It's probably best that way anyway. It's a good skill to have, and the only way to get better is to practice. Plus, there's something to be said about creating something purely of your own vision.
    Hmm, well, you could TRY to ask Cyowolf, but he's generally quite busy so he probably will not be able to help you. Other than that, I dunno, I basically try to do all my own graphics.
    My blog though your comment was spam. I find that funny :)
    Do the lights have to be red? What about green?
    And, you didn't really think that's what it was gonna look like... right?
    Mmm, more of a bugfix really. I managed to implement that thing where it runs the event immediately after you kill the last robot, which is nice, along with some other things I've forgotten by now.
    I'm progressing at a modest rate I'd say. Right now I'm at level graphics, which has been traditionally my biggest roadblock.. That, and a quartet of 5-page assignments ever week.

    Dude, I have others to make. Patience, patience.

    This is the order of people that I'm making stuff for, Jethawk, Noxid, Xander.

    Sorry dude, you're last. Those two came to me some time ago and I owe them their stuff first.
    The who-what-what.

    Man, I've got like 4 going on. Be specific.

    Otherwise I have no idea which you're referring to.

    Slowly. Pixel took five YEARS to make Cave Story.

    Depending on how it all goes, it may take about a year or so. That's including designing, artwork, graphics, and music.

    XD Right now all I have is concepts. No demos or anything like that.
    Xander, It's good to have you ask me this question, and my answer would be Maybe. I'll elaborate more about TOTB sometime later.
    Yes, yes, of course.

    I would appreciate if I could have a description of them, Jethawks is fairly easy to do, I already know who they are and what they look like.

    So yeah, send a PM with either a drawing or a written description. I have a pretty good imagination, so it should be a snap if I can have either.
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