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  • Certainly. It's really easy to overlook certain things when you've been over the same bit a hundred times.

    As for that door, that's pretty much as far as I got, at least as far as it goes from start to finish. There's bunches of things for later areas that I work on in parallel.
    Actually, you know what, I probably could use a bit of help, when the time comes, since you aren't a regular here. Send me an E-mail so I can add you to my list.
    Pretty good. I've had to sort of force myself to stop working on hacks so much and start doing scripts and maps, and thus I've finally started to get something done. It's nice to finally have a map, and scripts, rather than just piles of changes and ideas.
    Indeed. I'm still hard at work, though. I post most updates on the blog, of course. The forum is just sort of a thing for me.
    Maybe more than just a thing, since I'm here enough to become a moderator.
    Pretty decent. Can't seem to do much of anything now though, I don't have any motivation for anything.
    I know, lol. I just stopped by and saw that in your profile, and I just had to comment. I love the MythBusters; it's been said I look like a lovechild between the two of them IRL :3

    Also you have a very active profile for only having 25 posts!
    Oh yeah, of course there will be breakable pots. xD
    That isn't really assembly, that's just modding the NPC table in CE.
    That's the best way to visualize a mod. Focusing too much on assembly kind of fucks up the mod, if you know what I mean. It's kind of becoming a gimmick to CS mods now. It wouldn't be surprising if Broxxus ever had some assembly hacks done, but I can tell you right now there won't be many.
    I like Hyneman's moustache.
    Anyway, these things take time; I'm not one to make a decision on *anything* without several days of deliberation.
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