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  • Mmmmm, I do love teasing myself looking at products out of my price range...
    Anybody been keeping up with all that virtual reality going around? That Steam VR or HTC re Vive looks pretty cool.
    Being able to actually walk while wearing VR gear around and manipulate stuff sounds like they are finally getting somewhere. It still looks a little heavy to me though... and needing a completely empty room to walk around in?? Only place that comes to mind is the garage... [if the cars are out of it ... lol]
    <a href='http://www.shacknews.com/article/88732/valves-htc-re-vive-is-a-formidable-opponent-to-oculus-rift' class='bbc_url' title='External link' rel='nofollow external'>http://www.shacknews...-to-oculus-rift</a>

    There are some neat other accessory ideas for VR, but not sure which will take off... if any at this stage.
    Omni-directional treadmills. So that you can stay in a single area but have the benefit of seemingly walking in an unlimited sized enviroment.
    <a href='http://www.virtuix.com/' class='bbc_url' title='External link' rel='nofollow external'>http://www.virtuix.com/</a>
    <a href='http://cyberith.com/product/' class='bbc_url' title='External link' rel='nofollow external'>http://cyberith.com/product/</a>

    Still, now all we need is direct nerve interface technology so we can Enter the Matrix... (but... I can only imagine what can go wrong there... lol)
    <iframe id="ytplayer" class="EmbeddedVideo" type="text/html" width="640" height="390" src="http://youtube.com/embed/ALQD_Cl9HoM?html5=1&fs=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen /></iframe>
    Microsoft Hololenses have a really nice idea behind them... Augmented reality...
    Instead of taking us away to VR land, augment reality with tools, applications, etc that aren't tied to looking down at a phone. So like, I want to know the distance between here and here. And BAM without loading up different software, taking pictures, breaking out a ruler, etc; I get an accurate measurement just by *staring*.
    Or putting those qr codes on the wall or something, and being able to load them just by staring at them. Maybe a link to a video that suddenly appears on the wall... Or maybe go shopping, and look at the UPCs as you go, and it will automatically add up the price as you go. And then look at a QR code here and there for coupons that will automatically deduct the price; so you can keep track as you go...
    I dunno how useless this first generation of Hololens thing will be; but I can see an interesting future ahead ;]
    I think you've written more than enough to start a thread with, X! ^_^;
    Wish I could play the piano this well... It's actually just a midi, and I added some pictures to it :] Maybe I should start working on the piano again, it's a waste to let those piano classes go down the drain lol
    I wish I could play <em class='bbc'>anything</em> besides computer games.
    Anyway, that's a nice midi. I'm sure that if you practiced a bit, you'd be able to play this on piano ~
    Flipping through e-mails when I saw these two figures advertised... I've never bought any statues before, but... almost makes me want one :3 Though there's no telling if they would be as good as the promotional sample pics...
    Seems customer service was baffled, as there was no record of the orders... They appreciated my help though, and thanked me for my honesty...
    It would have been nice to keep, but I'm sure someone somewhere, is waiting on their flashcards to come in the mail!
    New year's resolution... need to create a schedule to live by... I'm wasting too much time!
    Aren't we all? D:

    Good luck, though!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas <img src='http://www.cavestory.org/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/grin2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' />

    The about section pictures? Top picture is an image of Saber holding the Excalibur that I manipulated in photoshop ... I suppose I put that image up because I edited it and although that sword is not the same as my name, the origins are the same...
    Saber is a strong figure that stands alone for most of her life. Even when surrounded by others.
    From a great anime/novel, Fate/stay night.

    The second picture is of Kurisu Makise and Rintaro Okabe "Kyouma Hououin", scientists from the anime/novel Steins;Gate. Another edited image I messed with... Kurisu seems worried that Okabe will disappear without a trace in that picture... It's a time travel thing :0
    The youtube video at the bottom is a song from the show/movie/game...
    I guess I put it up since it personifies my fear of disappearing and no one noticing.

    That and I love those characters and their stories xD
    Kim Tyranto
    Kim Tyranto
    Hey X-Calibar. With the CS+ port of my fourth ending mod on the horizon, as well as the 3rd anniversary of it drawing near, I just thought you should know that that mod wouldn't be what it is if it weren't for your <a href='http://www.cavestory.org/forums/index.php?/topic/1671-alternate-pathending/' class='bbc_url' title=''>"Alternate Path/Ending"</a> thread. My mod drew a lot of inspiration from some of the ideas you posted in that thread, such as skipping the fight with Curly, giving Booster the Cure-All, and finding King and Toroko in jail and rescuing them. So thank you so much for helping make my mod what it was.
    Classes finished for this year! Yay! Now, to listen to some soothing Binding of Isaac music... Zzzzz
    Congrats! ;D

    I've a week to go yet, but I can already feel the break. It's wonderful. ^.^
    You must be almost free! I've been finally getting some rest, and hope to have a normal schedule by the next week...
    Can't believe that today's already the 18th though... too FAST!
    I <em class='bbc'>could</em> be getting rest. Instead, here I am at 2:30 in the morning. ~.~

    I'm glad that you have, though. This month has certainly passed quickly, but I'm looking forward to the end of the year yayfest. Hopefully the spirit of this season takes its time in leaving. ~w~
    Usually I'm told that the cold keeps people awake, and warmer rooms make them tired. Am I the only one who finds cold rooms putting me to sleep and warmer rooms keeping me awake??
    I'm pretty sure you're in the minority there.
    I'm a minor-narcoleptic so I'll fall asleep no matter what conditions if I'm sidetracked,
    but removing my jacket to make my situation colder helps to stay awake in my case.
    Depending on the day, I've experienced both. When I'm comfortably cool or cold I fall asleep easier in bed, but when it's warm I have trouble attaining unconsciousness at times. On the other hand, cold keeps me alert and awake in other situations and warm days can make me sleepy.

    Then again, I'm also kind of narcoleptic like Enlightened, so it probably just depends on how bored and/or rested I am. ^_^;
    Been enjoying my new monitor and headphones! Finally I have S-rank consumer equipment ;P
    You need to save money now, eh? ^_^
    Aw, YouTube sucks. It wasn't nice of them to do such a thing... why did they do it, anyway?

    I really need to continue watching Madoka, I stopped after three episodes and haven't gone any further in weeks >_>
    Color me impressed! Congrats, X, you're an affluent man now =o
    Finally my setup is complete! Can't ask for anything more... until someday I invest in 3d scanner/printer and VR :]

    New keyboard and mouse + mousepad... the best I could find! (Also that weird thing is a good quality portable stereo mic)
    <span rel='lightbox'><img class='bbc_img' src='http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y133/X-Calibar/aIMG_0690.jpg' alt='Posted Image' /></span>
    <span rel='lightbox'><img class='bbc_img' src='http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y133/X-Calibar/aIMG_0692.jpg' alt='Posted Image' /></span>
    <span rel='lightbox'><img class='bbc_img' src='http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y133/X-Calibar/aIMG_0691.jpg' alt='Posted Image' /></span>

    The mouse is a Roccat Kone XTD laser... It was pretty expensive (80), but combined with the Corsair Gaming Mousepad MM600 aluminum (32) it's weirdly amazing. Glides like air... I am very happy. It glows too, fun :]
    The keyboard I just got today, it's a Realforce 87ub all-45g keyboard... omg I am going to suffer when the bill comes in. (217). It's a japanese mechanical topre keyboard. It types quietly, feels good and has improved my accuracy already. I think I'm going to love it since usually I read it takes people weeks to break it in.

    The microphone is a zoom h6 handy recorder. I don't talk much, but some reason I HAD to go for a high quality mic that can hook up XLR mics in the future.

    Now I have no choice but to get work done <img src='http://www.cavestory.org/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/wink2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />

    Oh and Game of Thrones is awesome and crunchyroll is <3. Every night is movie night for one month <img src='http://www.cavestory.org/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/tongue2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':p' />
    What's this? A new mod...?
    Referring to "NightShade Project"? Yeah, it's a relatively new one... I hope it'll be worth your time, and to have a demo released by the end of the year. Not making a topic without a demo (or at least a webcomic) though.

    The ambigious synopsis: you'll be following four different characters that will cross paths, and ultimately change each other's destiny. A knight, a shadow, a princess, and a "Hunter".
    I noticed your deadline for first release was Dec 31... why not pop that back 11 days and go for a release on the anniversary?
    It sounds cool so far.
    Not sure this is going to have a demo in time for the deadline...
    In fact, it might not even use the Cave Story engine (that's the plan anyway)...! But, I feel guilty about not doing anything for CS...

    Been brainwashed by phone games for a week now. brb checking to see if resource is ready [dies a little]
    Phantom God, Odin get!!

    Actually, I thought my luck had run out... got a silver egg healer that I forget the name of...
    But, then that night, I was about to sleep and remembered I hadn't tried my alt account :3

    In other news haven't been playing too many phone games recently... Just started to do the minimum amount to keep going in Galaxy Legend. I did make it to lvl 90 at long last... [the max lvl... but just yesterday they raised the lvl cap... so here we go again]

    ...Wow. Just noticed the last post was Dec 18th... Been a lot longer than I realized. What's happened since then?
    In Galaxy Legend, a while back I made lvl 90 and a small fortune in a single day... with a glitch!

    It was a huge mess, that took them a month to sort out all the people who abused the bug way more than I did... (I kept debating whether to use it, but now I wish I had fully taken advantage of it! Even our admin used it to his advantage to an extreme... and got away with it........ -_-) In the end though for me, doing the glitch rolled back progress :/

    But, for a short time... it was good to be bad...

    The game is pretty predictable, and when you did reach lvl 90... nothing special happens. It's highly anti-climatic reaching the top, since the game doesn't have an end. (work in progress I guess)

    But for a short while, that glitch made everything really interesting xD And I was able to play with the top players for short a bit <img src='http://www.cavestory.org/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/smile2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    After that ended, I slowed down playing, but did finally make it legitimately.
    Ah well...
    Phone games destroy lives. D:

    Sorry for not responding to your last comments - months ago, my goodness - I'm such a mess of a person. It was fun to read of your adventures in Galaxy Legends, though! Glitches sure are fun, aren't they? ^_^

    I've slowed down in Puzzle and Dragons as well, but I'm still excited! I'm going to reach Rank 200 and 365 days played soon, but more importantly my best leaders are getting amazing ultimate evolutions! Light Kali was already a pretty amazing 25x leader, but once her ultimate evolution (which has <a href='http://www.puzzledragonx.com/en/monster.asp?n=1747' class='bbc_url' title='External link' rel='nofollow external'>surprisingly detailed art</a> by the way) comes to NA, she'll be improved to 36x, basically for free. :3
    Even better, my old friend Bastet recently had an Awoken evolution announced - again boosting her to 36x, all the way from 16x, and giving her an improved active skill and some really excellent awakenings. I'm super excited for it :333

    I may not play as much as I once did, but once those two in particular come out in going to be a very happy person. I've also been aspiring to get Bastet to +297 status - so far I'm at +225 - and I've conquered a fair amount of descended dungeons and rolled some nice things here and there. I'm doing okay, I think. c:

    Unfortunately, I also got into another phone game called Final Fantasy Record Keeper. It's actually pretty fun to play considering it's a freemium game from Square Enix, but it's yet another drain on my time and attention. I'm getting a little worried, X. I have so many things I'd like to do, healthy new interests that I'm not getting into because of pointless distractions, and that's not even mentioning the things that I actually have to do, like schoolwork. My only saving grace is that I'm still young, and if I blink that will be gone, too. I really hope that I can learn to live and love in balance and moderation.

    But that's depressing talk! Hope you're doing well, X!
    Hey :]

    I finally (for now) have stopped playing Phone games pretty much... It's kinda sad to just stop, but... with no one pushing me constantly to continue (I guess people don't like to do that!), I've been on Steam a lot more, catching up with a few non-phone games.

    Those Galaxy Legend friends were a lot of fun though... :x

    Wow. Rank 200... and a whole year played..! And Light Kali's ultimate upgrade.... overkill! She looks pretty unstoppable. :]
    Bastet...! I gotta see her awoken when it's out... She's the best :]

    ... +225 huh... now that's gotta be expensive to upgrade... I'm impressed.

    I never did play enough of these puzzle games or P&D's to be able to match up pieces in advance... Are you able to see how to setup huge combos pretty easily? I need to play these games more just to practice thinking out of the box... recognizing patterns...

    Final Fantasy Record Keeper? That sounds like something I'd like... :] I might have to download that if I can free up any space my iphone... 16 GB doesn't fit much x(

    ... And finally on distractions, obligations, and other things you wish you were doing...
    I didn't respond right away because I didn't know how I wanted to answer this part. I saw your other post with that huge list of things to do too :]

    I wrote down a response, but I think it's too depressing; and probably too personal...
    To summarize, I'll say... friendship. If you can find friendship with those who bring out the best in who you want to be... You'll want to learn, you'll want to meet your goals, you'll want to interact...

    I believe that is my greatest weakness, and it shouldn't be.
    If only we could treat life more like a game, and try things outside our normal patterns without fear of consequences. <img src='http://www.cavestory.org/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/tongue2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':p' />
    Gotta respect RPG characters that can walk up to ANYONE and start talking. ;D

    But, there is a warning to be had about friendship. Even a good friendship is not an end all. Working together on the other hand on something might make the difference. I did have a lot of friends, but I seperated life into segments. School, home, etc. There was no school at home, even if I had friends over. I never got into their hobbies either..., so that kept me from building deeper relationships.

    ERGH life! I want saves and loads ;P Wish I had a brother or sister I could talk to as well lol.

    ...But anyway, I'm doing SANE, but I wish I was super :]
    Keep marching on Polaris ;]]
    Hey Hayden, just saw this. Nice job keeping up with the updates! I just added your last additions to the massive theories quicklist, and linked your post at the bottom.

    Yeah I've been pretty busy until recently, though even on vacation, I'm keeping busy.
    As for the forums... lately I've only been sporadically looking at threads. So, posting to profile or PM is the best way to get my attention~
    So... I've been pressing my luck with my classes. I shoot to do my work on the DUE date, been skipping READING the work, and some stuff is taught online... I did pull off a presidential's list last semester without reading anything in some classes like Discrete Computational Analysis, but this summer I'm really pushing it with Principles of Security. I REALLY NEED to read 1200 pages for next week's final exam and it would be very helpful to read another 200? pages for my Information Analysis class... As they say, what you put into a class, is what you get out of it... But when you can get away with something BAD HABITS are hard to break! No wonder I've never completed a mod... ;P Well, first step... gotta do a group project for Sunday... I think I'm the project leader... Cramming time go!
    That's exactly what I did up until two years ago when everything finally caught up with me. I went from straight A's to B's and C's in one semester. Luckily I was able to turn it around for the next semester (immediately before high school too, thank god), and now my habits have gotten much better. Well, having a girlfriend has kind of become more important in my head... but still once I hit that point when everything caught up with me changed me a good deal. Good luck with cramming <img src='http://www.cavestory.org/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/smile2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
    Thanks Kuro! I DID IT! Yep, I don't recommend waiting to the last minute... I really need to change that habit.

    But, I made it through the impossible and so far I believe I'll have A's... Though if I want to really make sure I really remember everything, will need to review next month... whew... one more class and it's over.
    Aaaa I'm sorry I missed your birthday! I was talking with you so often, too! I downloaded and filled out a birthday reminder app so hopefully I won't forget in the future. Anyway, I'm glad you had a lovely time with your family. :3
    Hey, at least you're spending it on stuff you know you'll enjoy. <img src='http://www.cavestory.org/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/grin2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' />

    (I actually read a little bit of Unsounded. It does seem pretty interesting!)

    I wonder, if you someday set aside a month or two for vacation, would you be able to blow through all of the anime and video games you haven't used yet? o.o
    I wasn't sure about Unsounded at first, but it grew on me quite a lot... I couldn't stand Sette in the beginning, but curosity compelled me onwards, and it got better and better each chapter... Before I knew it, I reached the end and was dying for more ><
    Ah, I should have remembered, the comic is 15+, and introduces some dark themes as you go along. Still, it's my favorite right now ;D

    If you're interested in hearing a few others I recommend... Not a Villain is a lighter dark story lol. It's quite interesting, the artist who started the comic didn't have much drawing experience when they started, but stuck with it, and explained away the simple style. It's the Other comic that I actually supported with a kickstarter.

    One other dark story, Ava's Demon, I'll mention. It has some beautiful artwork that I know you'd appreciate. But, it's another darkish story! xD SO! Just warning lol (And all of them are on-going, so not complete...)

    Oh! As for your question... A month or two, huh... There's no way... Even if I treated playing games like a job, and stuck with easy mode/don't try for 100%... I find it hard to imagine catching up so quickly. On Steam alone, it says I have 727 games listed (not all are Steam-based), and I think I've only played a quarter of them or less... The shorter games, might fly by, but some take days each.
    Anime on the other hand, I could probably tackle in a month or less... But, I usually watch something when I feel like it fits my mood, so that I might enjoy it as much as possible. Mmmm...
    (How much of the anime I bought is still unwatched? Uh... probably a good 20 shows or more...?) lol... (I've watched a lot though!)
    I'm not ready for an archive binge of Unsounded to see what I think of it just yet...(stupid summer school hanging over my head D: )...but Sette does seem like the type to grow on you. I read the first chapter, which isn't a very good first impression for her, but apparently she grows to be more likeable.

    I've heard of Not A Villain, as well as that explaining away the basic artwork thing. Might read that someday, too.

    Goodness, you have so much stuff. That's the eternal conundrum, huh? Too many fun things to do, not enough hours in the day to do them. <img src='http://www.cavestory.org/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/tongue2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':p' />
    An online friend going by the name of Kim Tyranto told me to say the following on her behalf:
    Dear sir X-Calibar of the Cave Story Tribute Site Forums

    I would like to invite you to the <a href='http://vresunciraianruins.proboards.com/' class='bbc_url' title='External link' rel='nofollow external'>Vresun: Ciraian Ruins</a> forums.
    (It would be much easier than having to rely on sending messengers back and forth, due to issues I have with accessing the Cave Story forums.)
    You're an RPG fan, correct? ^^

    Also, of all the CS forum members, you, andwhyisit, DoubleThink, Polaris, Noxid, Doors, HaydenStudios and Randolf are the most awesome, in my honest opinion. ^^
    (It's a trap.)
    Oh god, oh god. I'm so sorry. I never meant for this to happen. You're a busy man with things to do - it could consume you now. D:
    Oh, I'm glad you got a little vacation! That's always a good thing. I went to a lake on the fourth too, actually. :3

    I have a feeling that the Mastering is some sort of meme monster in the PAD community. It has ridiculous amounts of HP and one of the silliest appearances in the game. It's kind of crazy awesome in an adorable way. -w-

    Good on you for getting some sleep! I'll check those other games out so that I don't accidentally nap when I go to school on absolutely no rest today! <img src='http://www.cavestory.org/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/grin2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' />

    I actually got both Bastet and Isis ultimate evolved now. They've been regularly evolved for awhile before that. 0-0
    You're forgiven, though. Sometimes monsters in this game hardly change when they evolve, appearance-wise. It's a little sucky with some of them. :/

    That's understandable, when you get the little jerks your first impulse is to get them out of sight as quickly as possible. D:
    Next time you get a Mystic Knight, though...if it happens to be grass or dark, keep it! Ancient/Chaos Dragon Knight can be quite useful, apparently. =o

    I got some Mystic Masks as well...but not from the PEM. I actually kept doing Ocean of Heaven until I found some...Ocean of Heaven is hard, but reaps many rewards! :3

    To my shame, I actually misused a few stones in my burning quest to rip through all of the tier 5 dungeons to get to Ocean of Heaven over the weekend...as well as the equally burning quest to get at least one Mystic Mask. I mean, I <em class='bbc'>succeeded</em>...but it makes me feel a bit guilty, since a few expenditures were unnecessary. At least I can look at my two ultimates and smile...and the tier 5 dungeons are some of the best to gain levels, +eggs and rank ups in! And I have them all unlocked. ^_^
    (Not even going to touch Vesta Cave, at my level. ._.)

    In unrelated news, I really want a Naga...I'm tempted to try to get one from a normal dungeon, but I'm not so desperate just yet. Enjoy your sleep, maybe I'll get some tomorrow or in the middle of the day?...Sure I will, what a silly thought. ^_~
    Just a quick update since I feel grahhhh, need sleep badly...

    Yesterdayish was b-day! Had a pretty fun time with family~

    Ah, but I'm posting in this status update because of the God Fest!
    THIS TIME, I didn't jump the gun... (Though I almost did lol)

    Pulled uh.... Sun Wukong with X-Calibar... He looks alright...
    Doesn't look too useful with his current skills, but haven't looked him up... and I'm being lazy......... Will hold off for now <img src='http://www.cavestory.org/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/tongue2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':p' />

    BUT! I have my second PAD account I've played a little bit with my Great Valkyrie and Sakuya...
    Tried the egg machine too.. and.........

    She looks great for a healer party... <3 Glad I stayed up <img src='http://www.cavestory.org/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/tongue2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':p' />

    Hmmm... actually I haven't been on PAD too much lately. That Evolution : Battle for Utopia game has taken all of my mobile gaming time... Doing pretty well on it... I'm ranked... 6th in the world at my current level! Huzzah! It takes so. much. time. though. ar.g.h.
    I just leave the game on ALL the time while doing other things till I hear something happen. Pretty silly, but I'm determined to see the game finished... and without paying any money... whew... g'night... *collapses*

    Ah! Almost forgot to respond first...
    Yeah, I saw Bastet again... There's no mistaking her final form... very nice... I think Siren will look like that if I make it to her ultimate~
    And nice work reaching Ocean of Heaven!! Really have made it a long ways... capturing Hera, UEvoing Bastet and Isis... and now at the ocean of heaven~
    Hope you get Naga soon, I was hoping to draw her from the point egg machine, since I have been building up a stockpile with these giveaways. Anyway...
    Hope you're doing well ;D *collapses for reallll*
    I should update too, now that more than a week has passed since anything interesting happened ^_^;

    I haven't heard much about Sun Wukong, to be honest. Definitely don't get rid of him, though, since he may get fun new ultimate evos or something.

    Very nice - Metatron is super valuable and indeed great for healer teams <img src='http://www.cavestory.org/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/grin2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' />
    (Fun fact, Metatron is one of a bunch of PAD gods who went through a gender bender. A lot of people don't or didn't know this, including myself, to my shame. Maybe it's because he/she's so well known now.)
    If I didn't have so many healers and so little space, I'd ask for the code to that account. ;3

    6th in the world? o.o
    Goodness. Um, good luck with that! I couldn't handle that sort of pressure or have the skills to get that high. o.o

    As for me, well...last last Saturday (around the time the Godfest was active), I decided to use the last of my stamina in the Tower of Flare...for no particular reason, but hey. I did the Echidna and Archangel dungeon, surprisingly almost died, then finished with little fanfare...except for a split-second star egg flying out of the Echidna! <img src='http://www.cavestory.org/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/grin2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' />

    So I just got a Naga out of nowhere, on a normal dungeon, without 2x...well actually I think it was 2x drop. But that's rare and amazing and I didn't even grind much. :3
    I am eternally grateful to Tower of Flare now.

    I worked through the week and she's ultimate evolved now. It's just so nice to have one. Can't wait for Scarlet Snake Princess to skill her up!

    That's not the only good news, though. Much later that same day, practically Sunday, I realized that there was indeed a Godfest going on and decided to roll on a whim. First roll was a gold egg...and out popped <em class='bbc'>Odin</em>.

    ...yeah, I didn't roll again. I was too dumbstruck. =o

    I haven't evolved or even significantly leveled Odin, but if I evolve him Team Cost will come to bite me. Still, he's a wonderful thing to have...especially now that his ultimate evo has been announced! <3

    So yeah, that was a pretty great weekend. Nothing of note has happened since then besides being poor with my stamina and rolling Robin on my first try in the Batdragon. The future is bright, though. :>
    Thank you very much. It was too clever for me, I guess. ~√,√~
    Actually, I didn't recognize the pun until you posted your confusion... which lead me to reason it out... So, thank you! ;D
    And I think it's really just about experience and knowing what to look for with getting jokes.

    I don't know about you, but I honestly don't remember the last time I heard a joke told in-person...
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