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  • FLAC would be great :) It doesn't bother me that the files are 200 megs. That means the quality is awesome! How could the files be sent?
    Hi. You wrote somewhere that you had high quality recordings of the original Cave Story music. Is this something you could send me? I would really appreciate it :)
    sorry i didnt send oyou the mod... theres alot to work on in it...
    have you thought how you would start cloud story?
    lol for the love of god dont download setfree.
    the mod is really crappy the way it is now.. i mean its fun and all but i put things like Rawr in dialogue because i didnt know how to put real one. setfree on my computer is actually REALLY good... i can send you a copy today.. after im done with some animating.
    what i thought is going through every topic in the theories forum, and take out the solid ones.. set a list of them with timeline and then develop a SOLID story line that will not have holes in.

    i can use CE to its best... i can also mod tilesets (GFX)...
    and in about two months ill get in the process of learning hardcore ASM...
    and if i try really hard i can make an "O.K." org in a few days.

    if youve got something to start on right now ill be glad to... i dont want to push this any further
    because im really excited about this... its like the very closure to cave story
    and thats something the community, and myself, were waiting for...

    when were done... we can apply for noxids 2xres and we might just get it since the mod will be
    so big.
    hey if you want i can help you on working on cloud story
    that mod seems so interesting to me. ive wanted to make a mod that will connect all the unfinished points... but then i thought about how much work it would be and didnt even start thinking about it.
    are you interested?
    thanks a ton! XD those are great, I love the one of young misery especially, thats so cool :3
    hello ^^

    Do you have the full version of the picture in your avatar? I kind of want to add it to my collection, if you have it :)
    Lol nope, i got a little way through it and then got tired of reading all the crap lol ^^; oh well, but ive been playing the MBfighting game alot
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