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    CaveEditor again (beta, maybe alpha)

    1-4) As for the Flag descriptions and the like, I'll have to overhaul that data to get it up to date. I'll even make the text editable via the config file. 5) I always thought if the 'Entity ID' as the 'Entity script identifier' but the names are a bet confusing as they are. That black box can...
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    Yume Nikki (Dream Diary)

    I'm downloading it now. It reminds me a little bit from the description of a game called Octagon made in ZZT.
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    CaveEditor again (beta, maybe alpha)

    Celtic, sorry if this seems contrary my previous request. When I'm deciding which suggestions to include in comes down to effort involved versus usefulness with some personal preference. andwhyisit's request required less than 20 lines of code and can be used to effectively move maps from one...
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    CaveEditor again (beta, maybe alpha)

    That'll be simple. I can add that for this next update. Ctrl+S does save changes in the map editor now and the scrpt editor next release. Any menu item that has a shortcut listed next to it is set already. The PgUp/Down thing sounds interesting. I'll look into something like that. What...
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    CaveEditor again (beta, maybe alpha)

    Are you talking about exporting/importing just the .exe map data or everything to a single file? Either way I can see it being useful. Yes the background error is fixed. I just verified it to make sure. It good to be back. I don't think there will be many more updates to Cave Editor...
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    CaveEditor again (beta, maybe alpha)

    Oh! I see... I misread what you said. It definitely sounds like there's a mem aloction error with the 200x200 map (which is why it's taking up less memory than the 200x130 map). Also, copying and pasting sections of the map would be nice and should be added and shouldn't be hard to add...
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    CaveEditor again (beta, maybe alpha)

    Hey X-Calibar. First off, the versions are completely compatible. There are no changes in the save/load code so it will work with previous versions just fine. I'm still not sure about that drawing problem. I'm working on 2GB of RAM myself. I haven't messed with the map display code at all...
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    CaveEditor again (beta, maybe alpha)

    Another long delay in updating but it's finally done. Actually I was going to post on Friday but the forum moved happened before it happened. The script editing crash is resolved along with the resizing window bug and the new map "y" bug. The configuration files have been consolidated into a...
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    The Happy Birthday Thread

    You guys are too much. :o Yep the big 3-0... I'm officially getting old or that's what people tell me. I had heard rumors of a bday thread but couldn't find it until now. And a preemptive happy birthday to DragonBoots! This thursday he'll be the big 2-0. ...damn I'm old...:p
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    CaveEditor again (beta, maybe alpha)

    Thanks Noxid! I will have to update my list now. I'll even place it inside the ini file, which will also be holding all the data from those other external text files. Sadly, I am still using data that was developed mainly back in 2006-2007. :o
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    A Better Way to do Framerects.

    I was afraid this would happen. I figured there were far more efficient ways to code the frame rects, specifically by calculating them on the fly. This will certainly allow for more room to modify behaviors. You cloud even take this a step further and convert this into a function that takes...
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    Strange, well if you're using Sue's then if you haven't added more than the starting number of...

    Strange, well if you're using Sue's then if you haven't added more than the starting number of maps I don't think it adds a separate section. CE does it immediately on the first save regardless of how many maps you have so that's rather odd. What program are you using to check for the...
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    CaveEditor again (beta, maybe alpha)

    Unfortunately Celtic Minstrel, many on the edits made in the games settings are located in the assembly of the program. Also, until there's at least a rudimentary editor for the mac version (I'm not aware of one) I don't see haw listing that map 5 is now using the Weeds tilesset or that the...
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    Hey Lace. Here's the long and short of how the data in CaveStory is rearranged by CE. The...

    Hey Lace. Here's the long and short of how the data in CaveStory is rearranged by CE. The beginning of the exe tells you how many sections of data there are and vague info on what they are. As I recall there's a .rdata, .data, .swmap (if edited in SW) or a .csmap (if edited in CE) and a...
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    CaveEditor again (beta, maybe alpha)

    The major over haul was adding integrated dropdown lists for commands as you typed similar to what a lot of advanced compilers do. It also is supposed to add some useful info (probably through mouse over but I'm not sure yet) like showing the portrait selected by the <FAC command or the map...