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    The Labyrinth (Greek)

    Hey guys I'm back hopefully I'll start development on this again tomorrow or so.. I might not have time in the near future because I have to practice for a quinceneria and have to dance around and lift some girl up and do a 360, it's fun seeing them scared as we all pick them up and seeing them...
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    The Facility

    Wut? ... His name is Jaccamo! :D -I don't like the recolors. -Balrogs dialogue sounds like his reason is obsolete not the player -you spelled obsolete "obselete" -You really should fix all those bugs DB listed -I told you not to release it yet D: it's way too short and adding an unfinished...
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    After Cave Story

    Balrog and Quote...? Malco goes to Jail....? Are you sure you didn't mean Curl and Quote...? -Head Explodes.-
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    Scary Story

    how about few survivors always muttering things about something like the cause of the problem or the problem itself without giving too much information to prevent the player from piecing it together.
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    The Mimiga Army

    Yeah I suck xD Also I'm not done :D just lazy (Also lost my voice and it just came back two days ago)
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    Scary Story

    I agree. Trying to make a game downright scary would just look ridiculous to a player if he's not immature You have to go for a creepy factor like in portal sometimes your' first time can be very creepy I can imagine lights softly going on and off with very little details changing every time it...
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    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    How do you assign an entity it's sprite sheet and which sprites it uses?
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    I really, REALLY think Pixel is making a new game

    Re: I think Pixel is making a new game. I found some pretty awesome cave story fan art in there
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    The Island (Mod Contest)

    So hows this going so far? I've already begun some good development on my entry.
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    Touhou Story

    Ehh? Never heard of Touhou I guess I'll google it or something...
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    Determining Mimiga gender, and the consequences thereof

    When I first played I thought quote was a pale Mario fanboy/ripoff
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    Cave Story In Real Life

    I'm most probably Kazuma You can't really say you're Quote 'cause he's an empty shell with no personality
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    Kanpachi is so badass that...

    Kanpachi is so bad ass that he has a thread about being bad ass which he made by hacking DB's account
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    Mimiga relationships.

    Wait.. what? Enlighten me or I will tell the Mimigas o:
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    Mimiga relationships.

    Wait wait wait.. Is Jack impostor imposing to be a guy as well? Because the one mimiga (Forgot) says that sue is the only other girl in the village after you tell him that toroko was kidnapped.