• Most people probably don't realise this, but this forum has had two editors for a number of years. One is the xenForo default editor, and the other is a custom editor I made years back I called BBCEd.

    All the settings for which editor you use was lost during the upgrade. You can find the setting under Account Settings > Preferences > Editor.


Hello, i am another one weird russian modder. In period of 2013-2015 i did tons of mods for Cave Story, and after that stopped wasting time.

Currently making Pixel Arts and different kind of stuff. You'd better don't know what exactly i am working on.

Although i am not making smth for Cave Story anymore, i pretty often visiting this forum and checking what peoples have created recently.

I hope my english will not going to be a great pain in your ass if you're reading this or my forum messages.
Born in Russia, living in Russia rn and will die in Russia. What an interesting life awaits me!
Favorite Game/Series
Cave Story, Megaman franchise (specifically MMZ, MMX and Classic serie) and Kero Blaster.
PA's and weird stuff.