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  • If I wanted to play two different waveforms (of the same frequency) at the same time, I would add together the wave forms.
    I'm just trying to find all of the orgs.
    This is much harder farther back because none of the links work.
    And I don't believe there is a person who hoards orgs as dt does mods.

    ArcticWinds is reallly good.
    yoyo can you send me a link to all of the ptcops you've made?
    I'll look at the postathon sooon
    Not too too long - after I realized that is was possible to simplify it as such, Tungsten A helped me with the actual condensation.
    (Also, since all periodic functions are analytical, they are all presumably inversable with the langrange inversion theorem. Which is cool.)
    Due to euler's definition of the sine and cosine function, we can reduce the infinite series that represents the sawtooth down to
    i/2 * (ln(1-e^(-2*pi*i*f*x)) - ln(1-e^(2*pi*i*f*x)))
    Isn't that fun?

    Also I notice that the series yields something of the shape (-(kx) mod p) + c rather than ((kx) mod p) + c,which is what I would have expected. Is the sawtooth wave defined as always downward sloping, or did you overlook something?

    Also also I'm sorry to hear that she died for your performance, but you know what they say.
    The show MUST go on!
    So as the sample size approaches infinity, it approximates a sawtooth curve?
    I don't 1000% understand the mechanism of the oscillator, but everything else is sweetbro.
    That is certainly strange. Did they inform her of this?

    That was an amazing status too
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