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  • You know how your title points to your avatar?
    Well i noticed that if you look on your user page, it points to the cheese.
    I did, in fact, follow the link in your sig long before you put that link in your sig. Unfortunately, I haven't been on the computer that has OrgPlayer and OrgView and OrgASM recently, so I'll just assume it's an .org version of Never Gonna Give You Up.
    grr, I'm unable to post, and then someone goes along and ruins one of de best sawngs in de game!
    so go over to the remix project and yell at that certain someone.

    also, if you've got time, can you point out why this song fails so horribly?
    it's my first one that doesn't make people cry.


    one week from today before I post -- you're on.
    You're never online at the same time as me anymore.
    I'm gunna attempt to go oofline for a month or so, so see ya at xmas.
    true, true.
    also, Christmas mod. remind me to make one.
    so i can pwn ur noez off
    gosh darned fire.
    gettin in my way.

    you know, I could always delete 300 of my posts and see where that gets me.
    but getting him banned wouldn't be too hard.

    I think that you should pull a metaseraphim though, and get 1000 posts in the next month.
    twould be swick.
    Congratulations! You are now friends with the most awesome guy on the entire forum!
    I hate the treasure room.

    specially w/ my hack.

    now to go through the kitchen again...
    Hmm, would you mind providing an extra link to your org medleys? Mediafire hates me and won't let me download any of them, I'm afraid. :(
    What are you talking about, me talking about sad?
    haha, caught red handed.
    you can sure be weird sometimes, specially when I wasn't even talking about you talking about sadossity.

    and, mehkay bout ce, I just don't like de way it works.

    maybe I should start an xmas mod too, though if it was anything like a competition, you'd trounce me.
    I don't have a single mod longer then ten maps.

    grats on 800
    my old post was about ce, and asking you what you like aboot it (more then sw) (sides script edity and third partay).
    except in a really obnoxious way.
    and why haven't I recalling said "christmas mod?"
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