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  • Haha it's fine I get it.
    But the funny thing is I have never talked to Fire, he just kinna takes the other side for laughs I guess? :/ If you're gonna listen to someone about what a jerk I am, talk to someone besides Fire because I never got to know him, he just hates me for no (or unknown, and possibly justified) reason.

    anyway what's up?
    Lol so I guess I'm a jerk now?
    No but really I guess Fire1052 doesn't like me (I don't have anything against him), but I don't exactly see myself as "kind of resenting anyone who knows anything I don't because I can't stand being wrong."
    as you can see from my posts, I'm usually not a massive jerk, or a jerk at all. :(
    Yeah, he kind of resents anyone who knows anything he doesn't because he can't stand being wrong.
    The first was reasonably off topic, for i was going off on a conversation. as if you haven't done that before.
    and the second, Raganoq SNUCK IN BEFORE ME AND POSTED.
    How was i to know he posted AS I WAS POSTING? So, how could i rate him? the person i was talking to I had already rated. the last one was ontopic AND offtopic, so it dosen't count.
    [QUOTE]Your interests matter too, but so does everyone else's. If you want people to care about what you have to say, acknowledge that they're people too, not just no-lifers.[/QUOTE]
    I don't understand. how do i... when have I.... called somone a no-lifer?
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