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  1. VinnieD

    Cave Story FanArt

    A merry Christmas. Have a Sue based on the Christmas sprite for Sue.
  2. VinnieD

    What do you think should happen when it's the 20th anniversary of Cave Story

    Yeah I was pretty tired when I typed that up. I'm leaving it though since it's supposed to be weird anyway.
  3. VinnieD

    What do you think should happen when it's the 20th anniversary of Cave Story

    20th anniversary: Quote for Smash. 30th anniversary: Cave Story is remade again for brainjack mind upload. 40th anniversary: The world is divided between 3 races, genetically enhanced superhumans, electronic consciousnesses, and the underbeings who have not evolved. They all agree on a...
  4. VinnieD

    Cave Story FanArt

    Features Sue (left) along with my own character Pooky Bunny (bottom) from my own webcomic AntiBunny http://antibunny.com and Pembroke W. Korgi's character Apocado (top) from his comic Da Pukas (a very Cave Story inspired comic) http://dapukas.com.
  5. VinnieD

    Your Stupidest Deaths in Cave Story?

    Late to the party on this thread but, WARNING lots of profanity. 3:29 is by far the stupidest.
  6. VinnieD

    Disturbing Theory: Kazuma Rescued Momorin

    I'm pretty sure Momorin has been there a while. She's probably established her secret base and been undermining the doctor right under his nose during the entirety of the game, and a little before that. Working theory on pre game events. Doctor gets the demon crown. Doctor turns on the...
  7. VinnieD

    Cave Story FanArt

    Committing thread necromancy for more fanart. Looks like Sue has had it with being the damsel and is taking matters into her own hands. "Come on you bunch of fluffballs, you wanna live forever?" But wait there's more. Here's A Soldier from the Surface.
  8. VinnieD

    cave story references?

    Balrog is a hidden boss in Creepy Castle.
  9. VinnieD

    Kero Blaster 3ds?

    Just grab Azure Striker Gunvolt. You won't be disappointed. Also whatever happened to that port of Guxt? It went so far as to have a few scattered reviews, but never surfaced on the eShop.
  10. VinnieD

    Cave Story FanArt

    Oops. Looks like the machine still can't get human form to stick for Sue. And right in the middle of school no less! i did this one for a 1 hour art challenge, so forgive the sloppy background.
  11. VinnieD

    Cave Story FanArt

    Some Cave Story art for Inktober.
  12. VinnieD

    Cave Story FanArt

    A very quick Quote I did for a 1 hour art challenge. The theme was indie games. How could I not represent Cave Story?
  13. VinnieD

    Kero Blaster - The Story You Never Knew *Spoiler warning*

    If you look closely at the levels of normal mode vs. Zangyou mode you'll notice that normal mode, the negative legatia seem to be causing something like reality glitches. There are odd colors where there shouldn't be, blocks out of place, much like a glitched NES game, and the further you get...
  14. VinnieD

    Kero Blaster - The Story You Never Knew *Spoiler warning*

    I gathered pretty much the same thing you did from Kero Blaster. Zangyou mode has a deep, but very confusing plot that requires you to think about it. I wish more people would discuss the story of Kero Blaster.
  15. VinnieD

    What is your favourite video game?

    Cave Story. It dethroned Megaman 4, and Link to the Past, and Chrono Trigger to take that title, and managed a successful title defense against Undertale to retain it.