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    All the settings for which editor you use was lost during the upgrade. You can find the setting under Account Settings > Preferences > Editor.


Nov 29, 2004 (Age: 14)
Favorite Game/Series
I don't know. Either Smash Bros., MegaMan, or Sonic.


I've no idea what my best time in the Blood Stained Sanctuary is, as the only time I ever beat it was in easy mode without the 290 Counter. I'll just take a shot in the dark and say it was around seven minutes.

Is Mimiga #3 Sandaime, Kanpachi, Toroko, or Marin? My vote's on Kanpachi because he likely gets all the food for everybody. Remember, if you give a mimiga a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach a mimiga to fish, you feed him for a lifetime, and Kanpachi seems to be the only mimiga that knows how to fish (either that or if you give a mimiga a fish every day he grows dependant on you).

Often times I will censor myself in message boards. I myself don't swear; typically I just say milder versions of the swears (crap, dang, frick/flip, butt) or maybe simple "beep". Self-censorship should be more common on the Internet.