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    Translation Patch for Cave Story Mac 0.0.7

    The old Mac translation patch doesn't work with the updated version of Cave Story. There's a new, updated version that will work with the Universal Binary version of the application (but not older versions) available here. If anybody has problems using it, be sure to let me know. - Turtle
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    Interview with Pixel

    Here's an interview with Pixel, translated into English.
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    Interested in a Cave Story Forum Style?

    I can enlarge all of the images to the size they appear in Cave Story (2x) easily and quickly. (using the amazing little program called GraphicConverter, by the way, which lets you batch-convert images) Here's a zip file (484kb) with all of the images in it, enlarged to twice their original...
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    How did you find Cave Story?

    I found Cave Story through a site called Emuscene. A thread in the Emuscene forums linked to a thread in Ambrosia's forums that had details on how to manually apply most of AGTP's translation patch to the Mac port of the game. I played it, and loved it. :(