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    Cave Story Addition review

    Okay, I downloaded recent mod from Doukuttsu Club, so... Q
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    128 Endings Mod

    Yep. If you got Dream Blade, you can perform a epic quest for ending 127. You don't need PS everytime. Polar Star changes some interactions into their tragic version (without PS you will hug shroom, with PS you will kill them). Okay, maybe I'll increase friction. You ate a very bitter soup...
  3. TrashboxBobylev

    The Community-driven Cave Story Fanfic

    Malco found the Cursed Item.
  4. TrashboxBobylev

    128 Endings Mod

    New version has been uploaded. EDT: I published hotfix, that removes Dream Blade from mod's start.
  5. TrashboxBobylev


    Say this to Minecraft's modders. xD
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    128 Endings Mod

    A most hilarious mod from Modfest XIV now on forums! Gameplay: Explore things on very weird Island and unlock as many as possible endings. Changelog: 1.0: - Initial release. 1.0.1: - Ending 19 become accessible. - Fixed Doctor's endings. - Fixed some types. - You can escape now from Shack and...
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    Platform Story [demo seven]

    Mod finally released! Also, Mod can be downloaded here: https://doukutsuclub.knack.com/database#index/showcase-details/5c83e247d766340875e516dd/
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    Platform Story [demo seven]

    Who bother about that thread after month after last update? Yes, I'm not dead. Demo 8 didn't appear. It will be release of mod.
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    Quote and weapons in Terraria!

    I are bit bored in that day and create that! I'm created a bunch of screenshotes, which representate many weapon from Cave Story. What weapons showed on every screenshot?
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    Platform Story [demo seven]

    New version! That tooked over 60 years...
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    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    Use starting hack in Hacking Tool.
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    Platform Story [demo seven]

    New version!
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    Platform Story [demo seven]

    New version.
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    Platform Story [demo seven]

    New version! Redownload mod from OP post.
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    Platform Story [demo seven]

    New version! New version!