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  • Greetings and welcome to the forums.

    I can see you are rather new here.

    I wish to tell you that, uh, your first port was in a topic that was THREE YEARS OLD. Yer, no necroposting please. (and by that I mean posting in old threads, it kinda goes for all forums.)

    With that out of the way, I do wish you have an enjoyable stay. ^^ We're a friendly bunch, and we forgive easy.

    Oh, and if you wish to reply to this message, post the visitor message in my profile, otherwise, I'll never know if you replied.
    Hello everyone. I love Cave Story. I heard about the game from YouTube
    My YouTube channel-http://www.youtube.com/user/thunderzap7?feature=mhw5
    and decided to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised when I played it. I played it every day, finally reaching the Sacred Grounds, which I haven't gotten past yet. I have gotten to Ballos, but his third form always pwns me.
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