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  • I haven't had time
    It's for you next mod anyway, isn't it?
    Not like you need it right away
    It depends on the song.

    I have done requests for people before, but only if I ended up liking the song in question.
    I wouldn't say "glitches out", since whatever it does is clearly intentional.
    It's just very odd.
    Did you know that the snake has a really weird contingency for if it runs out of ammo? It like, tries to unequip itself or something.
    Blade just doesn't remove ammo whatsoever, I think.
    Anyway, here's your patches, done just in time for dinner


    you do know how to apply this stuff right?
    I'm responding to your post in your thread, coz I don't really feel like driving it off topic.

    But one thing:[QUOTE=Lace;113865]Mmm, if you say so.
    Although I do believe that frustration is merely your brain telling you that you're doing it wrong. I just think that if you don't get joy out of learning something, then you should stop learning it. My pov. I guess yours and Gir's and Hy's is that frustration is required to do anything worthwhile. I don't understand that one whit, and I feel sorry for you all.[/QUOTE]

    So, you're saying when things get rough, you should just quit?[/QUOTE]
    Nope. Frustration and challenge are not the same thing. Period. I said that is you don't get [i]joy[/i] out of something you should quit. Even if something is hard for me, I can still enjoy it, and WILL still enjoy it as long as I liked it in the first place. This is what I keep trying to say, and somehow you guys keep misunderstanding.

    Also, click "view conversation" before replying if you reply, that way I can see it.
    Regarding the avatar thread, fyi the search function on the forums is not very good. I've had much more luck going to Google and typing site:cavestory.org [whatever I'm searching for].

    Also, when replying to someone's post on your profile, it's better to reply on their profile instead of your own (click on their name, or on the "view conversation" link next to their post).
    I merged your question with the main thread, so don't worry it didn't disappear.
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