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  • So I saw. You should make your avatar the mimiga facepic with the sweatdrop. Ya know that one? The gut who tells the hungry mimiga not to eat the red flowers?
    like that.
    You say that you yourself have no personal misgivings in my regard, but I assure you that [I]I[/I] hold an intense regard for your actions and do not approve of a considerable number. I'm going off on you now because you have disregarded previous warnings and are now assuming your own defense and stand that I have wronged and you have not. This, however, is simply not so.

    It's fine to ignore DoubleThink's warnings because he's got about the same standing as you in my book, but not when [I]multiple[/I] of the other members of the community are forced to go out of their own way to remind you of your obligation to uphold reasonable mannerism when taking any social action.
    I'm going to wait for someone to see your reaction, faghole. Maybe you'll realize, for one, that Thing Thing isn't cool, and Nazism isn't the least bit an insult on these forums.

    Stop correcting people INCORRECTLY, completely breaking canon just so you can argue, arguing about nothing, spamming emotes, bumping, and all of the other bullshit. I can't stress enough how badly you're acting. DoubleThink and Lowell think poorly of everyone, but I'm actually [I]agreeing[/I] with them now.

    I'm [I]serious[/I]. Try to contact people personally rather than bumping threads. As a warning, you will be warned if it happens again.
    [COLOR=DarkGreen]Yes, but that's not really the point.
    You bumped a very old thread simply by correcting someone's spelling {Which was a running gag on that thread, apparently}.
    That's typically frowned upon, Necro-ing threads without [I]adding anything to the original topic.[/I]
    [COLOR=DarkGreen]You bumped a very old thread by simply saying "Mimigas!!!".
    That didn't offer anything at all to the conversation, it was basically spam...
    And click "View Conversation" if you're going to chat with someone on profile pages, you're just posting on yours...
    [COLOR=DarkGreen]Really, you should probably stop necro-ing old threads when all you've got to add to the conversation is a spelling correction....[/COLOR]
    I will publish my [B]BOss minimod[/B] (u choose 5 weapons the n take on the final boss fights) soon.
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