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  • I am sending all members that are my friends and readers of the book (People who posted on the thread) this message:
    I would like to notify readers of Cave Story 2: Rise of the First Son, that I am starting it up again, and I have told my family to remind me of it everyday whenever they get a chance. I have even made an outline, and would like to say sorry for acting the way I did.
    But you just posted on the thread so yeah.
    You already now I am working on my book again so I don't need to send the notification message to you.
    I would prefer it if you stopped leaving VMs on every new account that signs up for the forums

    It bothers me for ill-understood reasons
    Yes, I like to lurk instead of posting all the time. Posting wastes so much time for me.
    In order to get a custom user title, you need 250 posts (which I see you have already amassed) and have had to be here for a set time, I believe 3 months.

    Sorry, I was lurking and saw you post on Cave Story's profile, thought I could be of some use :D
    Not that much use, though, because you already figured it out.
    I'm not 100% sure, but you should be getting yours shortly. Every few days/posts, check Edit Your Details under User CP to see if the Add Custom Title feature is available. In the future though, you can feel free to ask a mod. They won't be mad or anything, I mean, who would be an active member of a forums where the mods didn't have time for/got mad at users?
    Heh funny, I get 250 posts on my 99th day as a member. Tomorrow, the custom user title will be mine!
    Thanks! All I really did was copy a picture from the Cave Story+ page in the Mac App store, make the background black, and add white squares in Paint.
    I'm not, I just guessed Lunar's and thought I might try some other people.
    Are you sure? I see no option to change it. Where do you have the option?
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