<br />Age: 16 ¾ years<br />Cave Story Mods: 9 (total), 5 (work in progress), 4 (cancelled/not worked on)<br /><br />If you want to know anything about me, just ask me. Maybe I'll reply. Maybe I won't.<br />
<br />My Cave Story mods are [acronym="Cave Story - Time Warp"]CSTW[/acronym], the [acronym=Shane s Cave Story']SCS[/acronym] series, [acronym="Shadow of the Stars"]SotS[/acronym], [acronym="Cave Story Re:coded"]CSRe[/acronym], and [acronym="The Curse of Il" landri'iel']TCoI[/acronym], but don't ask about that mod's name. It was entirely random. There's also [acronym="Into the Unknown"]ItU[/acronym].<br /><br />Whenever possible, I try to help where I can. If I can't, then I just go on with modding Cave Story into oblivion<br />In my hometown, I am known as the most random, craziest and weirdest person in Gansbaai. Which is sort-of true, seeing as I have 28 fears, most of which are very perplexing and still in counting.<br /><br />I also have my own forum, which is related to Shane's Cave Story mostly, although it's also useful for other mods and so forth. Well, they used to be. Now they're mostly for forum games. :p<br /><br />I like Pikachu and I like ice.<br /><br />
<br /><br />Requirements to add me as friend:<br /><br />(1) You needed to help me with modding or ASM hacking OR you are someone that I can trust.<br />(2) You must have an avatar.<br /><br />Only those are people who I will approve friend requests of. I will only send friend requests to members that I trust.

Burn you, you fool. I impersonated Shane since around 20 November 2011 until 2 September 2013, and I'm getting away with it! My plan? TO RUIN THAT BASTARD'S REPUTATION! AND MY PLAN IS WORKING PERFECTLY!

And then Kim Tyranto, "The Eternal Light", decided to pick that bastard's side. So I beat her up. And then she escaped, so I left Britain. That bitch doesn't deserve anything.

Sep 2, 1915 (Age: 104)
The Enemy of the Truth
Hate the real Shane, that's about it. This box is too small, fools.
Favorite Game/Series
I don't give a damn. Who gives a damn, anyway?


The real Shane seeks the truth, I seek to ruin his reputation. And so far, I am winning. That fool and that stupid ex-girlfriend of mine will pay dearly. :mad: