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S. P. Gardebiter

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  • nevermind about the music...
    Ive decided to compose my own.
    sorry if you had your hopes up.
    I need to ask you a few things (music)
    its about my cavestory mod (Pluto Story)
    May I use some of you music in it?
    the songs are:
    and BattleInTheDungeon
    credit will be given if so.
    New verses (unfortunately, these are kinda outdated in terms of the events they describe, but I don't think it really matters too much):

    There was a time very long ago
    when our dear administrator, SkyeWelse, was a bro,
    but as of late things are different.
    Sexual posting can make him quite belligerent.
    When we were getting head,
    he'd come and lock our threads
    exclaiming that these forums can't
    be prurient.

    There was a talented modder once.
    He made his debut with The Tale of the Broxxus.
    Though excellent was his modding skill,
    somewhat less great were his attitude and power of will.
    In random firs of rage,
    he'd leave the forums' page,
    and Ralren's name was brought to shame
    within this age.

    ericjlima thinks he can mod,
    and so did I at first, but it was all a fraud.
    His plagiarism wasn't nice.
    It was all taken from King - Strife & Sacrifice.
    This racist garbage bin
    was stupid and a sin.
    We all detest, that Nito's Quest
    to be Asian.

    And then there will also be the two verses I posted earlier (about you and about AAKid/his alts/whyme). There will be 3 more verses (which will most likely be about Ryuuoutan, andwhy's banning spree, and the recent Noxid troll).
    Oliver~~!! <333

    I've been in your basement! I need you Oliver! <333 Kawaii Hamachi Suuu!!! <3333 NEKO NEKO SAN ONI CHANNN!
    why u guys delete my post? i came here as a cave story fan posting my experience with the game and u guys delete it with no reason. can someone give a reason?
    hey S.P I guess we never knew each other that well but I'm just gonna say that I'll miss you

    good luck with that game you were making
    Though you probably don't know me, I'd just like to say a goodbye. I wish good things upon you.
    I don't know if you're gonna come back to read these, but I do want to say goodbye. Thanks for all the help you've given me and the community. It'll be worse with you gone.
    I guess a farewell is in order. When you flesh out everything like that, it's not hard to see why you want to leave.
    Well, good luck, I suppose.
    Hey, got some more info for your weapon hacking FAQ, if interested:


    0x04160 - Snake level 1
    0x043F0 - Snake level 2+3

    0x047B0 - Polar Star

    0x04B30 - Fireball

    0x05120 - Machinegun

    0x055A0 - Missile Launcher
    0x05D80 - Missile Launcher hit

    0x05F30 - Bubbler level 1
    0x06190 - Bubbler level 2
    0x064D0 - Bubbler level 3
    0x068B0 - Bubbler shrukien

    0x06BB0 - Blade level 1
    0x06E60 - Blade level 2
    0x07110 - Blade level 3
    0x075E0 - Blade level 3 slash

    0x078A0 - Super Missile Launcher
    0x08080 - Super Missile Launcher hit

    0x08230 - Nemesis

    0x08710 - Spur
    0x08AE0 - Spur charge

    I'm pretty sure these are all correct, as they reference the right sprites.
    However, this alone does not make a complete weapon.
    From testing, I conclude that there must be a controller block for each weapon, which controls how these blocks are used.
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