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  • Woah chill
    what are you onabout?
    I called fire 1052 a bitch not you
    and i said you make random posts, just stikin up for you, sont want you to get banned again.
    Sorry if you took it a different way, your a nice person,
    lets not fall out
    Do me one favor, Ryuuotan: please don't diss Invader Zim when there is any chance that I might see your dissage of the show. I'm not saying you have to like it, and you haven't said it's a bad show, but I regard Invader Zim higher than any religion or value.
    Consider yourself warned.
    Hi, Ryu! Got anything done with the Mesa boss? I'm kinda curious as to what you did.

    Also, ignore fire, he needs to calm down and take a look at how he's been acting.
    Nobody is spamming your thread. We're actually discussing the topic.

    Why isn't it short? Because you don't want to admit that it's spam? (Actually not short. Yours are.)
    The reason they put the ten character limit is... Well, you're a good example yourself. You spam a lot, so we can already say that it has one good reason to be there (stop spam). Another reason would be that, frankly, this is a forum, not an IM client. You're NOT ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO USE SO FEW CHARACTERS IN A POST. Rarely is an actual sentence composed of that few characters. That amounts to, what, one to three words?

    The last time I checked, the messages you post with >10 characters actually constitute spam. See, Lowell goes a little overboard, but if you observe EVERYONE ELSE, you'd see that we aren't all spammers. True, we do spam, but when Andwhy says we're breaking rules, that's almost NEVER the rule he's talking about.
    No, Ryuuoutan, I have not. Instead, I have spent the last month trying to develop a solid basis for my game instead of pushing trivial updates and an undeveloped plot. I think it's called "Trying to Create a Quality Product".
    I didnt know and I cant play the mod because its a rar file and my computer is a 69% more of a dickhead than other computers.
    Ok so ive put a door there. ive done a few bits and bobs but i cannot continue. I cannot use cave editor, Its too differenbt from what i am used to using, I will however edit sprites for you, I am uploading it now and will send you the link
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