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  • Well, calling it rape is a bit presumptuous, thinking of it now. It was more like "surprise sex she didn't know she wanted."

    Afterwords, I couldn't get out of her room for days because she's such a shut-in NEET. Thankfully, she told Eirin to get me anything I wanted. Needless to say, I got Reisen. Biblically.
    and youv'e been working for how long? and level layout means how many new maps you got which have got a plan of what they are gunna look like. Well you need to prove me wrong and prove that you can mod...
    Well... last friday, I saw someone playing the lunatic mode secret chapter, against the Mystic Archives or something like that... Have you beaten it?
    I have a question... I don't know crap about touhou, but is there a game called Mystical Chain?
    No, REAL touhou games.
    IaMP, SWR, and UNL are all waaaayyyy too easy.
    I mean danmaku touhou.
    I'm probably patchouli, because I read a lot (have 2 bookshelves in my room), have a bit of health issue, and I can't see in the dark very well (vitamin A deficiency?).
    but wouldn't it just be easier to make it your own game? It removes so many limitations...
    Why don't you give your mod an orgininal title instead of copying touhou 12.3?
    Um ok?
    I have completed the sprite sheet for my main character, have resprited two weapons, one enemy, and I have two assembly hacks in the making.

    The point is that we can both make a touhou mod. I'll just call mine touhou monogatari, you can keep the english translation.
    You haven't released a demo. You can't claim the rights of a mod concept.
    I fully plan to make a touhou mod, I alread have assembly hacks and betas prepared, I've been working on it for a month now.
    If you want to make a touhou mod, feel free, we can go our separate ways without any trouble.
    I'm not looking for a fight, and I have no intention of getting into childish arguments. :/
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