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  • Oh right, Midorin, I get my M's mixed up >.>;
    Well, techincally I was still right :D;, Midorin uses the same sprite sheet in the same slot.
    You can always check the original Cave Story stuff to make sure.

    And what do you mean you're editing it with Cave Editor? It'd still be modding over another mod...
    For the sign, did you assign it's event number as #0500? And did you also make sure the flag bit 0x2000 was set for the sign's entity? It's "PC pressed down to run script", which means when the player walks infront of it and pressed down, the event assigned to it runs.
    As for the second problem, do you mean how do you set their appearance? That involves setting the right NPC.PBM to the right slot in the Map Properties. Midorin, if I remember correctly, is the fat mimiga? He uses the Guest sheet, probably in slot one.

    Also, you're not modding over another mod, are you? That'd be frowned upon
    {Unless the original maker gave you permission}, unless you're just trying to learn from it.
    You mean someone else did it for you?
    That will make things pretty difficult, since neither you nor I know how they did it....
    Can you do it yourself? Just stick the portrait over one of the old ones and save it as a 24-bit BMP and rename the extension to .PBM?
    Hmm, what did you save the file as?
    I remember accidentally saving one of mine as a monochrome or something, which resulted in a crash and black&white colours for that file...
    Are you saving the Face.PBM as a 24-colour BMP, and then renaming the extension as .PBM? You might've saved it as a Portable BitMap, which is not what Cave Story uses XD
    Then the only thing you can really do is make a smaller, simpler version..
    How big, exactly, is this image...?
    Ah, portraits.
    Those have to be 48x48, not 20x20.
    Just make sure it takes up the same room as one of the old ones.
    Eh, being a little vague there....
    There's no real way to 'shrink' sprites, because the ones used in Cave Story are tiny. Quote, for example, barely uses a 20x20 square, which means you've only got that many pixels to work with.
    The best you could do is make a miniature copy by hand, because the computer can't tell if it looks good or not, it just knows it made it smaller.
    If you're making a MyChar sprite, I recommend working off the original MyChar.PBM so that you know exactly how much room you've got before you start running into other frames...
    Eh, I can barely draw, that's why I appreciate Ralren's portraits, but even when I didn't have those I just did what I could.
    Just search through all of the stuff in the Hacking/Modding forum, there's a lot to read before you can do some modding...
    And going through all of the original data files is helpful for learning how Cave Story ticks.
    I'm even still learning a bunch of stuff as I go along.
    See the other messages on my profile?
    Ralren was bored and decided to 'spruce' up the portraits, and I liked what he did with them.
    So I tweaked just a few things and asked if I could use them for the mod.
    There's nothing to really update about, yet, but I'm working on the mod right now, and with dooey's help :D
    I've played with a few other games {Halo was funny}, but the only other one I'm planning on releasing is "Super Luigi World".
    Unfortunately I've been lazy with that, too, and school work's starting to pile up...
    But GIR's been on my case, so I'll be finishing a demo for that soon, hopefully...
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