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  • You mean you don't have the original copy of Cave Story? It's at the tribute site...
    Just check out what's going on in the Dark Space map, since that's where the Dark Core appears.
    {Remember I've never used a special ID boss, yet :D;}
    Well, I dunno if I'll be able to even help that much if you're having troubles with the Undead Core; I haven't used a single special ID boss yet.
    The only thing I'd do is copy it from the Black Space room.
    Well, I guess Transport would have been a better word. {<TRA}
    I had to do it in my mod because the fans would not turn on unless the player left and came back to the room, so I just <TRA'ed them to the exact same spot they were standing in.
    And I'd rather not mess with the edit unless there's a problem you just can't seem to fix. It's always better if you can do it yourself, because you'll learn from it.
    Well, if you needed to, when the player reaches where the boss is suppose to appear, you could teleport them to the exact same spot in a copy map that has the right sprite sheets set.
    Did switching the first slot to Undead Core work, or does it only want slot 2?
    Hmm, in Plantation it's set to 1...
    Try switching it to the second slot real quick and see if that works, I suppose.
    Just ignore Captain and the rest of them. They're not the nicest bunch, especially when you dig yourself a hole like you have.
    Just ignore them, don't even respond to them if you can, they're full of hot air.
    The trick is to not feed their inflated egos, which is very tricky. {Them all flaming you is one way to make themselves feel important}
    Best to completely ignore them, but try to follow the rules a bit more closely, will you?

    Anyways, what exactly is the problem? For the sprite sheets, Gunfish should be in the sprite sheet Cent, and Midorin uses Guest in the first slot.
    I dont get it... I put the sprites in, copied the BSL thing from the original cave story, and nothing happens. I also used Undead Core's sprites in the NPC tileset 2, but the Midorin used it instead. And if i use Midorin's original sprite set, it just turns to a gunfish.
    NPC.TXT said:
    0331 "Proj" "Blls1" "" "" "Projectile - Ballos (bone)" ""
    0332 "Proj" "Blls2" "" "" "Projectile - Ballos (shockwave)" ""
    0333 "Proj" "Blls3" "" "" "Projectile - Ballos (lightning)" ""
    0338 "Enemy" "GDevl" "" "" "Enemy - Green Devil" ""
    0339 "Genrt" "GDevl" "" "" "Generator - Green Devil" ""
    0340 "Boss" "Blls1" "" "" "Boss - Ballos" ""
    0345 "Proj" "Blls4" "" "" "Projectile - Ballos (skull)" ""
    0348 "Spike" "Blls" "" "" "Ballos spikes (rising)" ""
    0350 "Enemy" "ButRA" "" "" "Enemy - Bute (archer, red)" ""
    0353 "Enemy" "ButRS" "" "" "Enemy - Bute (sword, red)" ""
    0357 "Puppy" "ghost" "" "" "Puppy (ghost)" ""
    It's in the file.
    Say you're looking for Ballos priest form. {That's the first one}
    Open the file with something like Notepad and hit Ctrl+F.
    Type in Ballos.
    Hit next until you find the Ballos with the priest description, and look at his entity number.
    Use that then to quickly select him in Cave Editor.
    Ryuuoutan;74957 said:
    I am 19. AND I REALLY AM A GIRL. Now stfu. I am a girl. I am a girl. I am a girl.
    OK, you should probably stop talking like that to those guys. It doesn't go well with them, or really anyone.
    Now that you've already planted their idea of you in their heads, it's likely to never come out.
    They don't see much through first impressions, and your's wasn't the best towards them.
    Just ignore them, or you and them will keep on stooping to the lowest level and making fools and asses out of each other.

    And it the link doesn't work?
    Could you link me to the thread? It might need refreshing and I could upload the file again, myself.
    There's an NPC.txt somewhere on the forums, just use the Search Button. {I've had to hunt for it like 5 times already...}

    And yeah, when you click on that and it extends and lists all those names, the list 'drops down' from the single bar it was.
    Doesn't clicking the Misc. thingy create a drop-down list? Thus making it a bar that drops down?
    Anyways, you also have to place the boss entity on the map.
    Check the NPC.ini or .txt.
    Or just go to one of the maps that has those bosses.
    Certain bosses {For example, both Cores, Ballos, Heavy Press, Iron Head and a few others} are 'special'.
    That term just means they're a pain in the ass.
    I haven't learned much about them, yet, because I haven't had need to use them, but basically you've got to set that ID in the drop-down bar if you're going to use that boss for that map.
    And some of the special ID bosses are hard to work with, the two Cores will only show on the right side of the room.
    Hrm, this would be easier if I was able to work with the entire script and map....
    Actually, there are few errors that I can think of that will cause a crash besides graphic or script mishaps...
    Have you done anything with the TextBox.PBM?
    Have you gotten another entity/script to work, similar to this?
    Though I doubt this will do anything about the crash, try removing the <TUR and reading the sign again?

    And, no, Khan doesn't really have much of a reason to join in the first place.
    That and he's been pretty busy, as of late.
    Assigned event numbers to entities don't require the extra 0's, 500 for the sign should work as 0500 in the script.
    It crashes right as you read the sign, correct?
    Well, this event doesn't look to be a problem...
    Are all the events in the script in order, descending from smallest in numerical order?
    And might there be more than one #0500 in the script?
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