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  • Well i was going to create my own girl character but just name it after you (Ryuuotan) or just your normal name. Dont get freeked out lol Your just the first girl i met on the forum and you where the first to post on my Cave story remix project 2 thread so just wondered if you wanted to be in the game. :)
    Ive had expereince with modding before and considiring starting a new one. I wanted to base it on a girl and a boy (but not quote and curly) i think your user name is pretty cool and would fit a girls name on cave story, Would you like to be in it?
    Puzzles. That's what the chest room is. Good luck!

    Also I am making an easier version of WTF-story for the next release, so if you find it too hard you can wait for that to be released.
    There is a certain sequence to open them and then you go through the dorr in the middle when you solved it
    Lol you don't, you saw the sign by the water right? That sign is actually very ironic. Trying drowning yourself in that pool of water.
    Why the hell do i need to play YOUR wtf-story mod? Its crappy. Make it better. Remove those things that teleport you. Make the door openable.
    Umm what? Who said you needed to play my mod?

    And yes it is very hard, however I think you're being overly critical of its difficulty, in a very rude fashion. I mean, don't say it's crappy. I put a shitload of effort into it. That's the kind of attitude that people hate.

    And "Remove those things that teleport you." I wouldn't recommend giving people commands on what to do, I'd rather you make a suggestion such as "it'd be nice if those spikes didn't teleport you" or "I think the spikes should kill you instead of warping" (that's what they did in the beta-level-design). That would be much more polite.

    Also comments on my mod should go on the WTF-story v 0.3 thread, thank you very much.
    You could try posting your problem with as much detail as possible in the Hacking/Modding Questions/Answers thread, where everyone could try and help you.
    Hm, there's one error that could be causing this...
    <KEY<SOU0011<CNP0100:0000:0002<WAI0020<FAO0001<TRA 0019:0095:0019:0013<END

    Never put your events outta numerical order, they must start with the smallest at the top and the largest at the bottom.
    0095 should be before 0100, or the events will not execute right. Most likely they'll just go off at random, therefor teleporting you out of the map before you get a chance to hit the ground.
    Hi DJ Corey here from the cave story remix project 2 Forum thread. Its a music album not a hack but ill send out some demo songs ASAP. Anyway your a girl! First one ive met so Hi! Anyway keep emialin me wenever
    DJ Corey xxx
    I can't be here all the time...
    Anyways, from these two commands it looks like the events should end after the transport and entering, so the problem might be more than just those.
    What's all in the rest of the script?
    Hmm, show me the event that transports you to the room, and then show me the script of the other map.
    It'd make it easier to figure this out.
    You can't have two #0094's or anything like that in the script, the game doesn't work that way.
    Just rename the event to #0095 or any other 4 digit number not used in the script and change the event number in the <TRA to match it.
    I'm not totally sure, I haven't used a generator yet. Though I do know that the red ones with Ballos spawn as apart of his actual boss code.
    Have you checked around Sacred Grounds and seen what makes the generators there work?
    He's still Kanpachi, but his graphics are garbled.
    The game has it so that whenever the Kanpachi entity asks for it's graphics, it uses a set of offsets to locate where the graphics should be in NPCGuest.PBM, which is suppose to be in slot 1 if Kanpachi is in the map.
    Using something like the sprite sheet for Ballos' final forms in slot one when placing Kanpachi in a map will mean it starts pulling graphics out of the offsets where Kanpachi should be located, but instead it's pulling out random bits of the big ball guy.
    Oh, so you entered it but before you can do anything it sends you away?
    Alright, that means the event you told it to run upon entering the map is running the door event in that map.
    You should change the second set of numbers in <TRA to match another event that has
    in it.
    {Though you can change the number in <CMU to choose the song you want}

    And I can't stay, I've got a lot of other stuff to do. I'm just popping in when I can.
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