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Recent content by R13

  1. R13

    Questions and answers

    Because grass doesn't taste that great with ketchup and pilsner. Why BluRay-disc boxes look funny to me?
  2. R13

    Videogame Myths and Urban Legends

    I read a feckload of myths about Read Dead Redemption... Haunted city of Tumbleweed, werewolf, UFO etc. Don't own RDR myself, so I can't verify any of them. Read also rumours about Yume Nikki - sometimes going to bed while dreaming can warp Madotsuki to areas which are not possible to access...
  3. R13

    Ralren's Mod Collection!

    Played some of them for a while - gameplay-wise they are very good. Can't tell much more, as I don't know much about scripting etceatera.
  4. R13

    Cave Story finally on DS(i)?

    Prepare your lungs, then. I'm not a programmer, but I don't think the 3DS Doukutsu will be compatible with any other DS-class console. Same way, you couldn't play Pokemon Gold on ye olde GB pocket, even if technically games were similar. I don't own DS, still, it's a dick move from Nicalis...
  5. R13

    Questions and answers

    Probably. Penitentiary makes the strongest of man change their habits, style of life and needs. Why I recently started booting Ubuntu more than Windows, even if I can run much more stuff on Win?
  6. R13

    Cave Story Polish Translation

    Thanks, will e-mail him when I'll have ready beta of some sorts. To make myself work more, I decided to post here every Wednesday updates on translation. Currently, those locations are 100% translated and no bugs occur while playing: Arthur's house Egg Corridor All eggs Egg Room Grasstown...
  7. R13

    'elo :)

    'elo :)
  8. R13

    The Wish-Granting Game

    Granted. Sadly, you don't know how to handle it, so the system won't crash. I'd like to have all my debts, especially those university-related, paid.
  9. R13

    I personally adore early chiptunes and SIDs, also stuff by Dalezy, Gargaj, Virgill, Xeron and...

    I personally adore early chiptunes and SIDs, also stuff by Dalezy, Gargaj, Virgill, Xeron and many others. From japanese composers, she and USK. Check this chipdisk, the first tune is a masterpiece...
  10. R13

    [QUOTE]REALLY good chiptune/techno music [/QUOTE] Which artists/projects, precisely? Anyway...

    [QUOTE]REALLY good chiptune/techno music [/QUOTE] Which artists/projects, precisely? Anyway, I'd like to recommend you stuff by Yerzmyey - it's not your typical happy-chip stuff, it's more influenced by 8bit computers (especially ZX Spectrum). Check also AY Riders, his "band".
  11. R13

    Your weaknesses

    Oh yes. Forgot about that. To be precise, there's no way to buy root beer in Poland (maybe in those big and expensive shops with all-imported stuff, like Alma or such), but we have another drink, kwas chlebowy (that's kvass for you, english-speakers, or gira, for WoodenRat). Recepture is about...
  12. R13

    Your weaknesses

    Little shitty plastic toys, cars and plushies, like those from Kinder Suprise, or Happy Meal, or random stuff which I find at thrift stores. Not that fancy Japanese toys from Play-Asia or such. Currently, Snorlax is guarding my desk. Way too often I buy them, when I shouldn't due to lack of...
  13. R13

    CaveEditor again (beta, maybe alpha)

    When I'm writing something, it makes difference to just slam two additional keys to save, or to move my right hand, pick the mouse and point it at the magical button, then continue writing. Maybe that's because as I'm typing a lot, I hold my hands differently when typing than while using...
  14. R13

    New style

    Definitely, I'll be using it.
  15. R13

    CaveEditor again (beta, maybe alpha)

    Quicksave for script would be useful too. Oh ;)