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    .AVI files in Cave Story

    Yeah, actually my 1st comment was only for joking. :p I belivied him in the first time, but, I went to CE, opened the game, and then, I saw the IMG command. I wrote an envent with the ".avi" command, it didn't work.I just got an error message.And THEN, I realized it was a trick.
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    ~~Best time of sanctuary: 3'57"08~~ YEAh! King screen!

    ~~Best time of sanctuary: 3'57"08~~ YEAh! King screen!
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    ~~Best time of sanctuary: 3'57"08~~

    ~~Best time of sanctuary: 3'57"08~~
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    HELL : 3"57"06

    HELL : 3"57"06
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    A sorta different way to do framerects

    It's a progaming language or something like that,propably wrote with ollydbg.If U want to undersand it, learn assembly(It takes months,or more,I have started learning 3 months ago,and i understand a bit :p)
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    .AVI files in Cave Story

    I am REALLY IMPRESSED!! first the thing with ballos, and now this!this guy is a GENIUS!
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    If this actually happened in Cave Story, how would you react?

    A) LOL XD. Good animation though.....
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    Happy Belated Birthday Cave Story!

    My best memories were the fist time I played cave story, when i went to the balcony, i couldn't defeat the core after 50 tries, and when i did,well
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    Bomb Making Robot

    download cave story again and a profile if u don't want to restart.
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    What did you dream about last night?

    I dreamed that I was kidnapped by my teacher, and then she sold to some guys who killed me.
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    "What are you currently playing?" Screenshot thread

    Zelda mystery of solarus DX
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    If you could return to any point in your life...

    Maybe a few weeks ago, right before I loose all my work on msery story FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!! :sue: :critter:
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    The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Through Time (Demo 1)

    I like the new bkground,tileset. Also,the boss fight is buggy.
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    The "What Do You Want For Christmas" Thread!

    I was sure that someone would make this thread.
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    Story Changed (0.1 demo now available)

    In the 3rd screenshoot, the little en enemies remind me of something, I can t say what...