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    What the heck is Balrog?

    I thought it was confirmed he was a giant robot soap bar?
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    The Wrath of Feces Aka Poop story

    This site is dead.
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    Touhou Project

    Wow. I was just about to start up a thread just like this, but seems like you beat me to it!! Just a warning to all that are considering buying their ticket to Gensokyo: Once you are in, you won't leave. EVER. I'm currently stuck on Mokou because of her "Honest Man's Death" spell card. I know...
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    Bootleg copy of Ravestory discovered?

    Is spoiler B a Touhou reference?
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    "What is your favourite anime?" thread

    TAIL! Dammit, TAIL! How do so many people mess this up? Fairy TAIL. Plz m8.
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    Cave Story Tribute Site Forums Mod (CANCELLED)

    I bet you $9001 dollars that I'm not mentioned.
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    Is the Wii U any good?

    No, it's certain that they will keep it on the market, and at a lower price. But eventually, the new one will take over and remove the original from the market.
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    Is the Wii U any good?

    Also, if somehow you still don't have a 3DS, don't get one now. The New 3DS is coming, 2015. Wait for that. Also, the price doesn't change, same price and new things.
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    RaveStory v1.62 - Soundtrack compiled in Flac and MP3 formats by Whatthepin!

    So, I just finished it, and I really don't know what to say. *After 1000 years of thinking on what to type...* There are a couple things you could do differently -- - Explain what happened to the others, they just kinda vanished, - 1 more weapon? Please? :3 - Maybe 1 more area, and the inclusion...
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    Quote X Curly? Wha.....

    You forgot Quote X Ballos and Quote X Little's Child, silly!
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    Quote X Curly? Wha.....

    Guys. Really. Am I the only one who ships Curly x Balrog?
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    The Lost Bubbler -- 1.1

    Can you plz answer my question Kayya..?
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    The Lost Bubbler -- 1.1

    I liked it. :3 But may you tell us...
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    The Location of the Bubbler

    Well. I was just wondering, why exactly do you find the Bubbler in the Mimiga fireplace? Was it actually originally a toy? Was there a Mimiga company that produced it, but then it had to be recalled because it was dangerous? Who's toy was it? Why does it even exist?! I'm thinking that it was...
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    Is the Wii U any good?

    Exactly. I'm so very pathetic...