This has nothing to do with me. Just enjoy it! ^_^

When I first decided to take up a presence online, the first place I ended up was here, and the wonderful people I met were fundamentally shaping of who I currently am. I've learned and changed quite a lot on my own initiative, of course, but I'll always be indebted to these forums for welcoming me and giving a home - I'm especially grateful to be able to live with a good few of the people I met here in instant messaging paradises. There are few sweeter fates. c:

My interests are cyclical and I generally operate by getting addicted to one distraction, then the next, but I always enjoy reading and playing videogames (though I sadly find it more difficult to pick up books than whatever nonsense can be dug up on my phone). I also like Gardevoir, drawing (though I'm not great, I improve every now and then!), giving compliments and support, character customization and fantasies, surprising people (sometimes with unexpected facts, sometimes with Wholesome Intentions™), RPGs (including lots of online tabletop games with friends), writing, trying to improve myself, acquiring, listening to and applying music, giving new hobbies a try... and the list goes on. FUN FACTS: My username "Polaris" doesn't come from that old Jenka's Nightmare weapon, it’s from the Polar Star's signature mark, and Alfa is a cute shortening of my name. I’m well-meaning but slow and verbose, this page was once the first result for a search of "CSTSF", which is neat, and as the years have passed I've accessed the forums through a crappy Ascend II, an HTC Desire, an iPhone 5C and finally a laptop. Thanks for reading and try to have yourself a lovely day~
Mar 26, 1999 (Age: 21)
Somewhere quiet with many birds
My name is Polaris, or Alfa. This is my internet homeland, however far I stray. ~w~
Favorite Game/Series
Ōkami, Pokés, FF, Pixel's work, Iji, OFF, PAD, Ao no Tengai, Mystic Ark, Crash B., others. :>
Ballroom Arrangement/College Studies/Personal Improvement




★Hi! I'm a signature. Times are scary, but remember, even some cyberpunk stories have good endings! Do whatever you can to keep yourself going forward, in some style, with some good spirits, helping where you can~!★

She's a signature but that's also her name. You can guess mine. I'm not sure why she insists on professionalism, but I guess none of us expected to be commissioned again. Comment's doing just fine, FYI.

It's been a while, but some flames don't completely fade. Make this place and yourselves the best you can be.