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    The KingDinner Chronicles!

    I went with goblet, mystery key and pantsu to armory guy, and he locks up spelling 0399 in a loop. Oops. I can hover outside the top of castle wall.
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    Hey, I take .org requests.

    I am severely itching to ask you for this one. Not sure how well Organya will like it.
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    Hey, I take .org requests.

    Yis! Although, I'd add more pseudo-reverb tail on the arpeggios from tune intro(especially higher arp). They seem to cut short.
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    Rockfish - An Unreleased Game Remake

    Bumping into certain objects and having them display tips over and over gets annoying at times. Like the boss battle and the hatched egg shell, or the statues and going after the coins.
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    The Future of Cave Story on Mac.

    What's a Mac?
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    OrgMaker: Which waves are your most preferred / used?

    If Organya's pitch were stable and not shitty, I would instantly favour pair of detuned sawteeth in opposing phase.
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    Hey, I take .org requests.

    Requesting this tune with timbre closer to original than the NES cover. Because it's pretty banging and it sounds like it would make for a decent ORG conversion.
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    Haunted House Story - Reinforced - version 0.6

    These are my formed impressions. -This started as pretty fun to play. -Graphics feel kinda ugly. -Seeing that "Redgon's Music Blaster" image gave me ominous feeling from the first time I saw it, but music is actually ok. -Flamethrower is overpowered. After its novelty expired, gameplay became...
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    Ordeal Pillar [v1.2] [COMPLETE]

    Pretty good storytell/atmosphere of mod and mostly good gameplay. One thing I didn't like is having to replay intros and parts of Ordeals in the more challenging ones upon dying(though I admit I did die on purpose just to see how each Ordeal ends you). In particular, I lost patience at the torch...
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    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    Rather then forcing people to play first game, I'd have it so that you get starting bonus in 2nd game for playing 1st.
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    Cave Story Screensaver-Vista solution , use it.
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    Dumbest thing you've done during your first playthrough of cave story?

    Probably playing the flash version of this game(NX-Engine). Thankfully, I never got to the part where supposed bug in port prevents Curly from being drained of water, because I already let her drown.
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    What's Your Favourite Programming Language?

    I don't really have a favourite language. I'm most at home in ActionScript 3. I'm starting to become accustomed to C.