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    Cave Story FanArt

    Hiiiiii! I hope everything's going great for you! It's been a long time indeed! Also, thank you! I was chatting on the discord with friends from this forum, this is the result of some random talk, I'm glad you like it!
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    Cave Story FanArt

    it's been a long time, I'll post some muscley Quote because why not?
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    Cave Story FanArt

    Nuclear Throne is thrilling and hard! A very well-designed game. Check it out here, and there is a free demo somewhere on their homepage.
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    Yep yep, the Great Fire Wall is acting up. :(

    Yep yep, the Great Fire Wall is acting up. :(
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    What are some of your favorite CaveStory/UnderTale crack shippings? (NSFW examples allowed)

    I.. uh... I understand different people have different fetishes, but this is kind of weird, isn't it?
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    Cave Story FanArt

    Made some random-ass Cave Story X Nuclear Throne crossover sketches.
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    Toronto Story Voice Acting Applications

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    Shocking: we sort of still live in middle ages

    It's like: "Oh hey, god exists, I get it, but no, no sir, I don't want to join your religion."
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    Cave Story FanArt

    Ross should be sadistic but ultimately good hearted Misery, and Kevin as Kenpachi. Danny should be a puppy.
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    My Prior Issues With GIRakaCHEEZER

    Maybe next time you should manage your anger better. Giving you well justified warning was a mean to help you become a better person, instead of trying to improve your behavior, you tried to stop moderator from giving you warning by requesting demotion. That's what made me sad. Ah... so sad.
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    Cave Story FanArt

    Yeah, generally you just practice, copy stuffs (that you like, this is important), but I don't recommend tracing. When you have ideas, write them down and/or draw them on the canvas, experiment with coloring and line drawing. You know, just do whatever that will intrigue you. Keep enjoying your...
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    My Prior Issues With GIRakaCHEEZER

    I read it as GER(as in "Germany")-A.K.A-CHEESER. I guess I really does suck at English.
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    What pre-existing classic game art style would you actually PAY to see Cave Story remade in?

    I can see Wind Waker-ish graphic for CS works, but I think the real problem is the 2D to 3D movement transition, simply having 3D models move like 2D sprites can be awkward like CS3D.
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    Cave Story FanArt

    It's always delightful to see someone who can grasp your designing concept. Actually I was referencing a comment on Reddit by Jon, what a freak coincident.
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    Which game would you rather see Cave Story cross over with: Shovel Knight, Super Meat Boy or both?

    I think his special might relate to the Iron Bond, for example, summon invincible Curly Brace to fight with him (attached to his back, can shield attacks from the back) for the cost of halved health. I was thinking about the jet pack, but it might be too similar to fish's roll.