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    be sure to drink your ovaltine

    be sure to drink your ovaltine
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    If you wanted to add gameplay mechanics or a gameplay style from another franchise into Cave Story, what would it be and why?

    climb from celeste. it'd help a lot with platforming, especially pre-booster 0.8/2.0. they could also change the last cave to have certain parts requiring some climbing. plus, it'd be able to let you grapple onto ledges with the tow rope!
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    What happened in your FIRST hell run ?

    death. too much death. i've spent 3 hours on it (i was playing easy mode on switch, too!) before beating it at midnight around a couple weeks ago.
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    Favorite Balrog Catchphrase

    H U Z Z A H !
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    favorite song Of The Ost

    Scorching Back, easily. I also really love Last Cave and Geothermal. I also kinda like Quiet and Pulse.
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    What is your favourite weapon

    my favorite weapon has to be either the spur, blade, fireball, or the bubbler.
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    Best weapon for Blood Stained Sanctuary?

    i beat BSS using only the spur. i'd suggest that, but your tastes could be different.
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    nicalis better make that cave story rpg a thing... i need it!

    nicalis better make that cave story rpg a thing... i need it!
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    Your Stupidest Deaths in Cave Story?

    my dumbest death was dying to the spikes in first cave. the ones you need to jump over.
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    Worst part about Cave Story?

    i agree on that last part, but thanks for the suggestion! edit: i meant suggestion as in suggesting the music lol
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    fastest weapon

    oh no i've been bamboozled yet again they're basically the same thing AAAAAAAAAAA
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    Why do you play cave story?

    cave story is the game that kicked off good indie games. i love indie games, so of course i love cave story.
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    Did you get the best ending on your first playthrough

    no, i forgot how to drain the water from curly in waterway. i know how now, and i'm going to re-attempt it!
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    Did you play Cave Story on your first playthrough??

    yes i played the original freeware on pc :D
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    Dumb Questions, Dumb Answers

    why did sue have to get turned into a mimiga? why not a generic enemy or something?