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  • "Frums," the misspelling of "forums", is somewhat commonly used, but if you just Google that you get some random craziness. I narrowed my search (I was searching it out of boredom) by typing in "teh frums," and I was surprised to see Mirai Gamer as the third hit.
    Just something I felt like pointing out, again with the boredom.
    By the way your sprite and portrait modifications r osm.
    freaking sweet.

    it even makes sense...

    now make 1 for de doctor and I shall praize youse.
    yeah, I dunno. I'm too braindead right now to look at this.
    I'd say make the flowchart - it's sure to make you feel better.
    I wuv flowcharts. :s

    although I'm not sure they help, I once made a flowchart of the saving function, and it was more confusing then when I just guessed at what it did.

    the movzx byte ptr ss wohatever [eax] doesn't matter, just look at it like mov [eax].
    that's what I do.

    I'll look into the actual code now, to see what it's trying to do.
    then I'll get back to you.
    in response to your question on de thread (i'm not letting myself post)
    the second line is retrieving some bit of information about the npc (ie x po, y po, etcetera) and putting it into eax.
    the test is checking if the code has gotten ahead of itself - if eax is not eax, it is either being too slow or too fast, so it repeats that bit of code.

    the npc thingers that I've got are:
    +0x00: Event.InUse (N) ; ?
    +0x08: Event.X (N)
    +0x0C: Event.Y (N)
    +0x10: Event.MoveX ; xvel, added to event.x each step
    +0x14: Event.MoveY ; yvel, same thing
    +0x28: Event.NPCID (N) ; what number npc it is, in case of exp, this is 1
    +0x4C: Event.Direction (N)
    +0x54: Event.Display_L (N) ; left side of the display rect
    +0x58: Event.Display_U (N) ; top side of the display rect
    +0x5C: Event.Display_R (N) ; right side of the display rect (NOT width)
    +0x60: Event.Display_D (N) ; bottom side of the display rect (NOT height)
    +0x64: Event.FrameTimer
    +0x68: Event.FrameNum
    +0x6C: Event.ObjectTimer
    +0x74: Event.ScriptState
    +0x78: Event.ScriptTimer
    +0xA4: Event.Damage
    so don't know about +9c.

    did that help?
    also, I generally ask assembly qs in one of dooeys threads.

    Kay-O. I was a little nervous about the pic anyway since I am trying to get somebody I can harass, er, supervise IRL to do my art, and I was concerned the art style might clash.

    But if I do recall, this means you owe me now >:)
    You do still remember why you were to do it in the first place, noh?

    Ahh, I'm just messing with ya. Hope you can get your stuff done, I spent so much time modding last week that I'm behind in all my "important" stuff.
    Oy, you may be better off finding someone else to color that pic, I have 4 projects to do. T.T

    Sorry. I will do that bug report, but coloring (to the point where I'd be satisfied) would take time that I really don't have at the moment.

    Oh, and to clarify, I WILL DO THE BUG REPORT, BUT NOT THE PIC. Sorry.
    Thanks, lol. In case of being interested,
    I made a few experimental sprites of Miakid;
    Obviously one of them on my avatar.
    Was there something I was supposed to do for you?

    Cuz, I'm trying to catch up on projects and I feel as if I've forgotten something...
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