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    Changing my profile pic real quick. What was I thinking?

    Changing my profile pic real quick. What was I thinking?
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    Is the DSI Port of Cave Story lost forever ?

    It's a shame, because the DSiWare version had the absolute best Time Attack in my opinion.
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    Nemesis Challenge World Record

    That's it. I'm getting the Steam version at some point.
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    Nemesis Challenge World Record

    I'm still concerned by the lack of these three spiked tiles in the 3DS eShop version and am wondering if or not they warrant separate records between versions.
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    Nemesis Challenge World Record

    I've wanted to do this for over 2 years.
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    Something I drew in the Nintendo 3DS Camera app and never bothered to change.

    Something I drew in the Nintendo 3DS Camera app and never bothered to change.
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    I forgot to wish CS a happy birthday this year...

    ...and so I attempted a No Save Run of the entire game with the true ending in pursuit. I got as far as halfway through the Waterway before shouting "NOOOOOO", and closing the software as I flubbed the Waterway Cabin jump. RIP. So what did you guys do for the game's what, 12th birthday?
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    Still Popular

    When I was 10 or so, my brother downloaded the demo off the Wii Shop Channel, I played it, and I went, "Hey, this is kinda fun". I bought the DSiWare port on the 3DS eShop and became obsessed with the game. I then bought every port I could get my hands on, made fan art in school, and it was...
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    Quick question

    Not that I know of.
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    Nemesis Challenge World Record

    So I've been practicing on the 3DS eShop version, but I've been holding off on beating the level and getting a new record simply because I'm not sure if you guys accept potato-quality recording. So can camera-in-front-of-system recording be considered valid proof, or do I need a capture card?
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    Happy 11th Anniversary Cave Story!!

    I started a no-save run of Cave Story in honor of its 11th anniversary. I missed the jump with the red line and my fate was sealed to the bad ending, which I never got because I went "screw it" and closed the software.
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    twitch plays cave story happening now

    They'll be lucky if they get past Mimiga Village.
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    Could the normal ending be even worse than the bad

    As we all know, in the normal ending the island's core gets destroyed and the island, as well as everything on it, plummets down to the Surface. Now what on the island is potentially dangerous? Most of the bosses Quote faced, sure, but they all went kaboom. In the normal ending, however, there...